Monday, July 14, 2008


It is really hard to convince anyone saying that you are going to a real paradise for working...and that's the case. I am going to Ilha Grande, one of the most beautiful islands in Brazil, with more than a 100 beaches, lots of forests and spetacular mountains!

It is part of my tours and this time I am going to take my guests Olga and Mike, a very nice couple from Chicago!

Mike hardly speak but do not think he is a bad guy...he is just someone very shy...but when he finally speaks he a a person with unbelieveble sense of humor. A very nice guy which I can call him a friend, his wife Olga, wow, she is an "adorable parrot". Two great friends and also my guests.

We will be staying at OVERNATIVA, a little and pleasant cottage in the village of Abraão. The starting point of visiting this paradise!

Once you go to Ilha Grande, you will really be convinced that Paradise is here!

To go to Ilha Grande all you have to do is driving south in the COAST ROAD of Costa Verde, heading São Paulo. You have two options, once you stop in Mangaratiba and get the ferry boat which leaves at 8 am, very few options and poor in time schedules, but it is close to Rio because it takes less than two hours to get there! Other option is heading to Angra dos Reis, the next town, there you can choose more than 4 possibilities to cross.

ILHA GRANDE CAN BE AN UNIQUE OPTION WHEN VISITING RIO, it is a chance to see exactly how Rio used to be more than a 100 years ago!!

I will be back to Rio this wednesday with more news about this fantastic destination!

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