Saturday, August 9, 2008


Marg came with Peter in Rio as part of the tour around the world, every place they come they leave a lot of enormous energy and wonderful feelings. They were my guests and they became friends for a LIFE TIME.

Another important challenge for me...Since they were in Santiago I knew that I had to make TWO DAYS in ONE DAY...including Marg's dream which was visiting the Christ, our most famous landmark...Well I accepted...We managed to talk in the phone as soon as Marg and Peter got to the hotel in Copacabana. And we arranged to meet in the day after and decide what to do!

I slept thinking about what i could do to show these people the best of my land....Right in the morning I called them and talk with Marg and we decide to start our tour, it was a cloudy friday but we decide to explore Rio no matter what...

As soon as we were driven in Lagoa we say the mountain of Corcovado free of clouds!!! :) AND MARG'S DREAM CAME TRUE! We had a great time at the Christ...

But I add many special places in their tour..We saw the less visiting part of Santa Tereza and we had a walking tour in the city center of Rio seeing buildings of all ages...from the portuguese Colony to the Brazilian Empire, and we stopped for a nice and cool beer in the OLD RIO AREA, a place called ARCO DOS TELLES. They had the best of our local snacks, PASTEL WITH SHRIMP INSIDE!!! A REAL STOMACH ORGASM!!!

Rafael Torres Lopes

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