Tuesday, July 1, 2008


I am pretty sure you will not find even a single trace of this restaurant in any travel book you find about Rio de Janeiro. To find these curious places in the city, you really have to know the city quite well and you really need to go deep inside into Rio's daily life!!! Being curious is a great quality that you need to find out unique places when you are in Rio. CHIQUITA is one of the nicest restaurant I know and it is located in a very very very local area called São Cristovão!!! The restaurant is not in the street but it is inside of a huge market where just CARIOCAS and other brazilians usually go. But they not only go there for eating out, there they find lots of music in two big stages, they also find some nice and funny stores where you can find everything regarding food, regarding crafts, typical meals, music and curious forms of art. THE PLACE IS A GREAT ATTRACTION, A REAL PLACE TO BE IN RIO. Close to the stage in the left side of the "Stadium"..yes the place really reminds a STADIUM...You will find CHIQUITA..a very cozy place with thick wood furniture with great ambience. The place is a little bit noisy but Chiquita provides a sort of LOUNGE where we can sit with friends and chat for hours!!! THE OWNER, a very nice lady named Chiquita will welcome you in person and her manager which is her brother, LEONEL will also give you the honors. They are typical northern people which are known for their incredible hospitality!!! I always take friends and guests there, we have a great time in every visit, there you can taste the best of our meat and also exotic amazon fish. Prices are more than friendly and the experience of being there is unique! I brought my friends Marta and her husband John, a nice australian couple and my american hero, the most brazilian american bloke I know, Ryan and his brazilian girlfriend, Elis...And wow that was an amazing afternoon!!!

Very special and essencial for me to be with great friends all the time!

Thanks folks for being so fantastic!!!
Rafael Torres Lopes

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