Tuesday, July 1, 2008


When you deal with people you have to know everything in the city. As I always take my guests to unique places to eat, restaurants where mostly brazilians go. Being a tour guide is not being a "worker" with technical information. You need to know where the best places are, you need sometimes to forget your personal life and being an "ADVISOR" and always being a "FRIEND". so I went to a very special place located in the very far outskirts of the city where all the AGRICULTURE products come, and all over the buyers go there and buy big quantity of fruits and vegetables. It is a huge market!!! This place is called CEASA, a big distribuitor centre of food in Rio, located in a neighborhood called IRAJÁ. No tourists go there, of course, but me as a tour guide, I would also suggest you a visit if you are interested about local custuns, and see the city working even though you will not find beautiful views, but it is amazing to see lots of people bargaining and seeing a loads of fresh natural products coming to our city from many different farms spreaded all over the Country! Actually it is nice to get "LOST" in there and you really find the best deals. I can tell you that after a visit to CEASA the house is full of fruits... Brazilians are real freak regarding natural food, and in every brazilian home you will always find someone to offer you a very fresh fruit juice..SPECIALLY MANGOES, ORANGE, MANDARINE, CASHUE, PASSION FRUIT..or the famous ACEROLA (great source of Vitamin C) and the natural energetic juice of AÇAI. Rafael Torres Lopes Tour Guide

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