Monday, December 25, 2017


When my guests write to me, I always say that much more than a guide, I am your friend in Brazil, yes, dear Reader, it is a friend who is writing to you and opening his heart to wish the best Xmas of all times!

Merry Christmas, folks!!! You are my guests and for sure this is a wonderful gift that I get each year. 

Well, I spend the night celebrating the birth of Jesus with my family and close friends. I could feel like a little bird in a warm nest. 

My apologies that I could not be updated with my messages, tours, and family affairs that make me prepared and super in the mood to make Brazil and South America to you!

My big strength in life is the love that I have from my family and all my dear folks close to me. I am grateful for all this love and care. I am made with love, my work and my life are only possible when I have this the flower loves the Spring.

My gratitude to my Mother that brought me to this World to be able to share my happiness and knowledge for all visitor, many thanks to my partner Marcone whose love makes me be stronger as a rock; my thanks to all my family and friends who feed me with love and energy to be always a better person; many thanks to my friends who are so generous to provide me love, support, courage and high vibes. 

To all readers and friends, THANK YOU VERY MUCH for being so incredible!

MERRY BRAZILIAN CHRISTMAS TO ALL OF THE WORD. May our minds be prepared to make only positive things, may God gives the inspiration to improve our lives. And a wonderful new year filled with success laughs and happiness.

Now, let me write all the messages that I have to answer to so many anxious travelers who will have such a great experience on my Continent. 

Rafael Torres Lopes
Tour Guide and Travel Planner



l love brazil

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