Tuesday, March 8, 2016


So many guests wonder if I make PHOTO TOURS AROUND RIO, these specific people are incredible photographers and of course I decided to accept the challenge. I can spend hours with my guests taking to the hottest spots, places with unique angles and I have the patience to follow my guest friends. Photos of the classic places, photos of unknown places...Places where regular tourists never go because of the language barrier or even because people simply do not know any place when they come to visit. I am here to guide, and I am here to give you many suggestions. But let me be clear, I am not a professional photographer, I am just a good amateur. I am in the travel business for 16 years and I have welcomed amazing photographers from all over the World.

So with me we can explore all over Rio, the old neighborhoods, the generous nature, the hills, the ocean, the people. And not only in Rio, we can travel the country and we can travel the Continent. You just need to contact me way in advance and I will be ready.

Below, I am happy to share part of my favorite images and there will be much more in my tours.

Brazil has five region and one of our most fascinating regions is not doubt the North East which we call it as NORDESTE...One of the lively states of this region is Ceará with wild beaches with amazing falesias where you can capture the fishingmen life together with breathtaking nature. I took this photo in a village called MORRO BRANCO.

We have several old historic towns where the beautiful portuguese colonial architecture, barroc churches, old homes some of the homes with more than 300 years, cobbled stone streets, slow pace of life where every little corner gives you fantastic images. This photo was taken in the country side of Minas Gerais State, in the charming old town of Tiradentes.

Nature inspires me and I love travelling and take my guest to places where they can have a sort of EXPLORERS OF A WILD BRAZIL, hahahaha :) and one of the most interesting states that you can find the best beaches is the route between Natal and Pipa, in the Dolphin Bay. This is Rio Grande do Norte State, no doubt one of my favorite places in Brazil

Ohhhhh thinking about the sweet and delicious State of Bahia...Salvador comes to my mind in first place...the race mix that provides the best gastronomy in Brazil, the amazing samba rhythm, deep faith in religion, good hearts...everything is positive when you think of Bahia, and for sure my shots are always gorgeous when I get there.

I was born in Rio and I deeply love Brazil, so honored to be Brazilian and I have good friends anywhere in my country. There is a very unknown state of Brazil called MARANHÃO, very hardly foreign visitors go there and people simply have no idea what they are missing. My heart lives there and this State gave me the happiness I need to continue living, my love comes from there and I will be everlasting grateful. Maranhao which capital is São Luis holds some World's Best Images in places that you never heard such as Lençois Maranhenses in Santo Amaro, Cururupu, Carolina, Alcantara, Balsas, Morros...this place has endless colors and it is a huge source of photography inspiration, a real PHOTOGRAPHER'S PLAYGROUND.

An universe of waters and an orgasm for us photography fans, we share this treasure of nature with Argentina and from different angles maybe you will have your best shots in life. I always organize tours in Iguazu Falls, specially in Argentinean side where the falls are very present!!!

Uhmmmm this is my best photography shot in recently years and I took this photo in a Earth Paradise located in Argentina, in the Province of Corrientes...This is the Iberá Lagoon, an impressive wetland area. 

And in a photo tour with me, you can even be the PHOTO DIRECTOR of your own photos, hahahaha...this incredible "pet" is called Sharima, and she was born in Sri Lanka and she has a wonderful home in the outskirts of Buenos Aires, so I am ready to share my secrets with you. Do your best to be part of this amazing activity in Rio, in all states of Brazil and in every country of South America. 

Just contact me, and we can exchange ideas and figure out what we can do in your trip to South America.



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