Thursday, March 24, 2016


Salvador is really a mix of is hard to describe, but let me try...Getting to the place where all 365 churches meet, to a place where the bay gives amazing beaches, you just feel a different energy. All Gods are there and the atmosphere is high. Salvador sees no colors because the city is black and white, and they live in such fun vibe...The food feeds your stomach with style, the magic of the african spices with the traditional portuguese cuisine gives to the country, maybe the best food in Brazil...The drums of Olodum, the market sound of São Joaquim, the beats of the waves in Barra beach tells you how musical the city is.

I love Salvador and my task here is to make you love Salvador as well.

Beautiful coastline where the portuguese set foot for the first time in the history of Brazil, visiting Salvador is simply getting to know the first capital of the country, thanks to that...Lisbon and Salvador have a lot in common, from the architecture to the several cultures we find in the city...Coming to Salvador is a meeting with a very interesting part of the South American Past and a great meeting to one of the most exciting destination in the World. Salvador is simply marvelous and my team and I will always be there to give you the best of Salvador.

A tour with Rafa has to give you smiles, colors, party, people, real action and some of our funniest stories. Salvador is a good friend of mine because the city gives everything I need. So we will start in the colorful and historic district of Santo Antonio, it is the natural way to Pelourinho which is considered the SOUL OF BAHIA and the capital of all saints according to the catholic and afro beliefs. We will walk a little but your legs will not complain about it when you visit a house of a local, when you walk in the cobble stones streets of the old town where Jorge Amado wrote his best novels, where Cahimmi sang his best songs and the drums echoes in every corner. 

A native from Bahia is called BAIANO, and the Baianos have a free soul, and this is what we will do in Salvador, we will set our souls free and enjoy the city.

Happiness was born here! And your eyes will get crazy to see so many master pieces ever created by our ancestors...the party in the streets of Pelourinho, the church of San Francis which for me is the most magnificent church in Brazil (and we have many!), a trip to Salvador is not really a tour, we will have a journey through our past and present time. The ups and downs of Pelourinho street will be always present in your mind! 

Diversity, this will be part of our tinerary all the time we will be walking and driving around Salvador, we will meet people, we will learn more about a Brazil that we are proud to show to the World, we will see beaches, we will have the best food ever (yes, once you are in Salvador, I want you hungry!). You can count on me and Marcone, we are the guides that can meet you in every place in Brazil, specially in Salvador, we also have a great team of guides that keep our quality and philosophy of exploring Brazil like a local, we deal with travellers, you are a traveller and we are your best friends in Brazil. 

Do not hesitate to contact me, is my email and we can deal directly or count on your travel agent to be in touch, Salvador will be more fascinating and easier in our hands!


Rafael Torres Lopes
Tour Guide and Travel Planner

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