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I know...when you stop in my blog you are looking for places to see in Rio, you are thinking about your days in Brazil, and you are right, I am a tour guide in Rio, but something I am sure you do not know...I am a guide in Argentina and Buenos Aires in my base here...It is too daring to say that I am a guide in Buenos Aires when I have amazing colleagues that represent their native city so well...

16 years now working with tourism, a profession that I chose to keep living my life with passion, pleasure and meeting friends...My curiosity brought me to Buenos Aires when I was 17 years old (and I am 44 years now...cost me a lot to assume my age in public, it is not so easy, hahahah) but on the other hands it makes me very proud and happy because the more you live, more experiences you have in life, more lessons you learn and THE BEST SCHOOL EVER is life itself. The friends I have made here, the places I have visited, all the people I have met, all the stories, all the legends and my love to belong to such a unique continent called SOUTH AMERICA. My reputation and experience allow me to take groups to see the capital of this wonderful country called Argentina, and share the secrets that I know in so many places in Argentina such as Buenos Aires, the rural and gaucho lands of Entre Rios and Corrientes, and the force of the water in the majestic Iguazu Falls, so now you know...if you ever think about going to Buenos Aires, it doesn't hurt if you drop me an email and check what I can do for you...but if you want RAFA as your guide in Argentina, please write waaaaaay in advance or I will be pleased to recommend you my guides in the city and also all over the country.

BUENOS AIRES HAS SYMBOLS THAT INSPIRED ME SINCE I WAS LITTLE...the stories of life told in 4 minutes like Tango that gaves us names such as CARLOS GARDEL, Troilo, Goyeneche, Horacio Salgán, Piazolla and with the still wonderful performers like Raul Lavie and Adriana Varela...Buenos Aires gave to the world the tango rhythm ehich is also a dance, which is also a philosophy...but with so many influences from uruguayans even brazilians...there are some old school musicians that prefer saying MUSICA DE BUENOS AIRES...not only symbols of music, but symbols of the World History like the savior of Argentina San Martin to Evita Peron; in the football that just like Brazil, it is the country's religion and gace us names like Maradona and Messi and a incredible person that are giving to the catholic world a new face and a new vision to modern life, the Pope Francis...Love him.

In few words, Buenos Aires has my heart...Buenos Aires is one of my homes in South America, a country that explains myself a lot. I decided to make Buenos Aires even more fantastic through my traveller's wishes, tastes and curiosity.

In spanish we say: AL MESTRE CON CARIÑ how can I translate this without loosing the poetry...Let me try...TO THE MASTER WITH FONDNESS...Like one of many tango masters that with music hit our souls...Norberto Gradilone gave me minutes of total wisdom and that only proves that maybe some of the amazing attractions of Buenos Aires is its people, and Norberto is a character, the kind of person that you can easily spend the whole afternoon talking about Tango. In Music there is no language, you simply feel it, LONG LIFE TO NORBERTO. A walking and lively TANGO LIBRARY that we can find him in one of the La Boca's conventillos...Well, another challenging translation, conventillos are like ONE HOUSE that lots of families live in.

 All traveller with good sense when going to Washington will be willing to have a picture in front of the White House...if you are in London, of course, a tea with the Queen at Buckingham, I would love to say HI to Liz...and I was in Buenos Aires wishing well to Mauricio Macri in his new Government, a simple walk at Mayo Square with a visit to Casa Rosada, the pink house and also visiting the City's Cathedral where Pope Francis was the Bishop and the first govern house, the Cabildo...many emotions for just one place and also an open air space for every citizen to protest...Casa Rosada is the place and it is a MUST in Buenos Aires, in Mayo Avenue holds the best eating places in downtown in my opinion.

And the big surprise...Buenos Aires is always a surprising place...and the city gives you of my best sensations in life and I am ready to to show you amazing and unusual profiles of this fascinating south american capital: BUENOS AIRES.

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