Monday, October 19, 2015


Ohhhhh it is not fair just ONE DAY to Montevideo...the city ask more days, and I truly believe that each day you find out more about this wonderful country called URUGUAY each day. One day just for learning the local culture like traditional bars and neighborhoods, the markets like Mercado del Puerto and el Mercado Agricola; one day just for a deep EATING ADVENTURE, so many important and remarkable places where famous people in Latin America used to go like famous writers as Eduardo Galeano and Borges; tango masters like Carlos Gardel and Piazolla. 

One day just to walk in the beautiful promenades in the coast of Montevideo like Ramirez, Parque Rodo, Pocitos en Malvin and visiting amazing Casinos, you do not need to gamble, but a stop for a tea in some classic hotels in Latin America while you are in the city does not hurt. 

Montevideo has history, glamour, great gastronomy and fun. In my humble opinion, it is one of the most interesting capitals in the Continent. As we just have one day, let's enjoy every second in this city that I know fairly well.

Our first activity in Montevideo will be resisting the temptation of going straight to the Mercado del Puerto...BARBECUE PARADISE in the city, we will walk in the OLD CIUDADEL and see the Independence Square, a little stroll to see the magnificent Solis Theatre, the Salvo Palace and a interesting stroll in the main avenue 18 de Julio; downtown Montevideo has lots to see, the city is lively and we will stop for some amazing cafés to feel the local daily life! :)

Founded in 1724 Montevideo had influences from many european people especially spanish immigrants and african influence as in many ocasions you will feel yourself like in Madrid, and in many other cases you will feel yourself in Havana or Salvador moving your body through the exciting beats of Candombe, as being part of the Rio de La Plata Region, tango, milongas and candombe will be very present in our day in the city!!!

We will stroll in the coast of Montevideo and you will realize that Uruguayans treat the river much better than Buenos Aires, here people walk in the promenade, people use the clean beaches of Malvin, Carrasco or in the outskirts of beautiful Canelones Province which is not far from Montevideo. 

The city is small so it will be very easy for us to navigate. get your camera prepared because we will catch a lot of the city scenes, a lot of people watch and many colors will be present and you will ask for more days, but this one day will be a good sample of what we can do in Uruguay for future trips and I will love to introduce you this new country in our tours.

And of course, we will have time for some wine tasting, we cannot think about visiting Uruguay without visiting any vineyard...and among many incredible places I prefer going to the Castillo Viejo Family, established since the 19th century, tradition and hispitality, we always have a great time when we go there!

Uruguay is surrounded by big wine producers like Argentina and Chile, and people tend to forget equally great vineyards in Uruguay and Brazil as well. Castillo Viejo will welcome you with arms widely opened and we will have a great time there!

Uruguay is total fun...many brazilian travellers, argentinean travellers and chilean travellers go to Uruguay every year to enjoy the summer. Lots to do in one day we can enjoy the beach, we can take enjoy the food, we can learn a lot about european presence in this important part of South America, in one day we can laugh and enjoy life, in one day we can taste fine wine. LIFE IS GOOD IN MONTEVIDEO. 

Rafa is ready to welcome you, and his associates Marcone and a fantatic uruguayan group will be there to assist you in all details.

Count on is guaranteed and you will feel yourself at home.

Rafael Torres Lopes 

Tour Guide - Travel Planner - Uruguay's Lover

ATTENTION READERS: For more details about the tour, it is very important to write an email to me, remember that in the tours I just include guiding and transportations, tickets and meals are NOT INCLUDED, I am flexible and I need you to be aware that TOURS CAN BE MODIFIEDACCORDING TO INTERESTS AND TIME.

I will have the best of our knowledge, spirit and fun! :)

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