Monday, October 19, 2015


I know you must be asking...what Rafa is doing here??? Sure...I want to be your guide in Uruguay and Punta del Este, amazing and divine Punta del Este will be a fantastic stop while you are travelling in the Uruguayan Coast. Your old and famous guide Rafa will be there jumping with happiness and with arms wide open to take you to wonderful surprises and very charming spots of such a spectacular city of Uruguay!

Let's have fun here, you can count on me and with my passion for South America. Punta, this is how the locals and goers love to call the city, will be waiting for you and I will be there to make every easy and super fun for you.

No doubt you will love to see colorful and majestic Punta del Este, with beaches, gorgeous people, fine restaurants, the meeting with the river and ocean, amazing and scenic beaches, alternative life style and visiting one of the most fantastic beach places in all over South America together with Rio de Janeiro, Buzios, Viña del Mar, La Serena, Esmeraldas and Cartagena.

This will be your chance and we can see PUNTA DEL ESTE…We will visit the yacht club, Gorlero Avenue, The Hand at Playa Braba, La Barra crossing the twisted bridge.

One day for you to realize that Punta del Este deserves a longer vacation and I just want to give you a little taste, a day that you will always have in your best memories.

Me and my main partner Marcone will be in Punta del Este all the time you need us. Marcone is graduated in spanish and had many tours with the language and I speak spanish since I was little as I have spanish relatives in the south of Spain, Malaga and I go to Uruguay since I was 8 years old, and I confess, dear Reader...I am 44 years old now; we are ready to be the bridge between the Uruguayan coulture and YOUR CULTURE!!!

Of course no visit to Punta del Este is complete if you do not visit the famous CASA Vilaró says: CASA PUEBLO ES TU CASA, and you really feel at home there...if you went to Greece, you will instantly think about Santorini or Mikonos...but it is more than this magical corner of Punta Ballena, the rocky cliffs are the home of the sun....YES...MAGIC SUNSET and this is where we are going by the end of a incredible day in Punta...before the sunset we will know more about the very interesting life of Carlos Vilaró, very famous painter comparable to the big masters Picasso or Dali, actually he was a great friend of Picasso; he helped the main bossa nova singers Tom Jobim and Vinicius de Morais to be famous Worldwide, great adventurous that travelled the globe helping people in Africa and Middle East, such a brave man that went to the Andes Mountains to rescue his lost son in a horrible plane crash who had to eat human meat in order to survive, and he did rescued his son in such a fantastic odissey, we will see his art work and take pictures of the absolutely impressive architecture of Vilaró's house proyected by himself...

The main guests will not be you...the main and most important guest in this sacred place will be ALWAYS, the king start...THE SUN...

El Sol...(the sun) we will be there only to celebrate LIFE and with the best to each other. Personally I think this is the most fascinating sunset in my entire life, and I am telling you from the top of many travels around South America and other places in the Globe.

We will say SALUD, salud for life, salud for the best vibes in our travels...We will have the most spectacular times of our lives, get prepared!

As a traveller, I would say that Punta del Este is the land of the let's take one day and make this trio special as soon as you set foot in the Port. I am ready to be your Ambassador in Uruguay and there is no better gateway than Punta del Este. As usual, I am telling you, much more than a guide you will have a curious and inteprid friend here.

This day will be complete, a crazy attempt to put a week in one day and I will love to do it. Ohh and bring some swimming clothes because for sure we will get our bodies refreshed in the waters of Uruguay. Summer is lively there!

My name is Rafael Torres Lopes, my friends and guests call me Rafa. I am a guide in all over South America based in Rio de Janeiro; during the cruise lines season I am open to welcome my guests where ever they land and I am ready to make Punta del Este special for you.

Contact me and you will see that travelling in Uruguay can be more than fascinating

Rafael Torres Lopes
Tour Guide and Travel Planner

ATTENTION READERS: For more details about the tour, it is very important to write an email to me, remember that in the tours I just include guiding and transportations, tickets and meals are NOT INCLUDED, I am flexible and I need you to be aware that TOURS CAN BE MODIFIEDACCORDING TO INTERESTS AND TIME.

I will have the best of our knowledge, spirit and fun! :)

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