Tuesday, July 28, 2015


As you can see we are not formal at all. When we think about having tour guides we imagine that in the first contact, things will be very professional and technical. One thing is for sure, we are VERY professional, but we will be good friends to welcome you with arms widely opened and this is how we are. THE FOLKS WHO WILL ALWAYS GIVE YOU THE BEST OF RIO WHEN YOU COME!!!

I am lucky to work with amazing people and I want to introduce you, dear reader, one of my best associates and a remarkable friend, Marcos Vinicius. He is one of my best recommendations to replace me when I am busy with other tours, a person that I trust with my eyes closed, a person that has all the qualities and knowledge to take my guests to see the best spots of Rio! :)

We work positively and we make sure you are super dear to us and you meet tour guides and finish the tour with a good friend for life. Marcos has the spirit of Rio, he is focused on put our guests together with our way of living, showing the places where the native cariocas love to go and simply take my guests to amazing places, from the classical spots to the super secrets of Rio!!!

We had the honor to receive our canadian guests Alice and Christopher and they have a genuine time with us in Rio, and by coincidence they had two guides with the price of one, the result was total party!!! :)

THIS IS PART OF THE UNIFORMS THAT YOU WILL HAVE TO USE WHEN YOU MEET US!!! :) hahahaha I am joking!!! But it is possible too...

Fun, places that you do not expect to see, things that you never imagine to do, super cool information and the sensation that you are at home, everything is waiting for you when you come to Rafa's Tour. Myself in person or the folks in my team will make sure that you will have a special stay.

If I recommend you my friend Marcos, you will be in excellent hands! :)

Rafael Torres Lopes
Tour Guide and Travel Planner

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