Sunday, June 21, 2015


We can spend a whole day visiting the soul of Rio, a Rio with great daily life routine where we can take many street photographies and so many other places that we can explore. It will be one day that we will not only see touristy places, we will explore most of the bohemian neighborhoods of Rio such as the portuguese colonial neighborhood of Santa Tereza which is also known as the ARTIST DISTRICT because of the cultural centers, many artist chose Santa Teresa to live, also many street graphitis almost in every corner and Santa Teresa likes to welcome the visitor with the best Gastronomy in town!!!

Not so far we can take pictures of the old and informal vagabond architecture of Lapa and its famous stairs of Selaron, one man that for almost 30 years ago changed the whole life of this neighborhood, with his amazing colorful mosaic of tiles that peoople through all the years has given to him...and the whole stairs got covered with tiles from all over the Planet. Selaron when he was alive used to talk with the visitors and sell his art. Now that he is gone, his stairs are there to make your trip special because Selaron Stairs is one of the most important symbol of Rio.

The Centro of Rio (Downtown) is not so far and we can see some of the main monuments of Old Rio like the Cinelandia Square with its majestic Opera House, the magnificent Teatro Municipal, and we can explore the little city by the Ferry with narrow portuguese streets, the square with the Royal Palace, the State Congress and the stunning Candelaria Church built in 1775. We can also have the chance to see the bew harbor place, still in construction but it gives you a different photography perspective of Rio.

And to go deep into Rio's life we will focus on social life and turn the page of a glorious day in Rio we can visit some of the main favelas in Rio that could be in Tavares Bastos, the first pacified Favela in Rio and if the authorities allows us, we can visit the colorful Santa Marta, a favela that has some colorful houses. We should pay attention about any warning coming from the police because Favelas now can have some popular riots which I think it is not a good idea of us (outsiders) to be there when any kind of problem happens!!

My name is Rafael Torres Lopes, guests and close friends usually call me as RAFA, so when you write to me, please say Rafa, I am a tour guide for 15 years now and I am prepared, happy and honored to welcome you and make any trip to Rio and also any trip to anywhere in Brazil and the rest of South America easier...all the places we will visit together will be like home. I always say that much more than a guide, I am your friend here. All the tours have the best place where you can experience the real spirit, the very free soul of our daily life combining beauty and nature. Humbly speaking I am an enthusiastic brazilian and I love to give you this same enthusiasm when you visit my beloved land for the first time.

Thank you very much, 

Rafael Torres Lopes
Tour Guide and Travel Planner

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