Tuesday, June 16, 2015


Every tour I lead has to be special, when you trust me to be your guide, I will not be only a are having an advisor that trully will tell you the best things to do and the best places to go, you will have a World of Suggestions that a regular tour WILL NOT provide you. And you are "buying" my tours, you will have more than touristic information, you will have a broad view of Rio and all over Brazil, I will help you with a lot of passion in your plans. You will have quality and someone (and many times even my team that your disposal) who are not interest to be a GUIDE (hey, look at your right, look at your left). 

Regular tours will take you to the classics and be sure in my places you go for shopping and many places you go for eeating lots of commisions will be hidden behind any ideas. A quality tour will take you to places where locals love to go, a quality tour will help you to AVOID ANY TOURIST TRAP.

All you will get is a lot of fun, a real experience with someone that does exactly what you want to do when travelling a foreign culture, discovering each flavor, meeting a lot of people and search for the secrets of every location we visit.

For this reason the prices are not as low and cheap than big companies will offer, but think about, you are also "buying" quality and exclusive attention from a personal background, not a COMMERCIAL background. 

The reason is simple...YOU DEAR READER, YOU DEAR GUEST are not a regular "good" for me, you are MARVELOUS PEOPLE that deserves to have a real and genuine experience when you come to Rio or any other part of Brazil and South America that you are choosing my assistance.

When your work is your natural passion then it is very easy to make you happy, and happiness is all I focus in the several tours options that I have...we can plan one day, two days, three days and even a whole week!!! It is a family meetings all the time. Fun and amazing places are waiting for you...No crowded buses, no guides with microphones, only spontaneous laughings and a Brazil completely personal just for you!!! :)

Once I had one RAFA who loved to the treated like RAFA, and you know that when you come QUEEN ELIZABETH will be LIZ, POPE FRANCIS will be FRANCIS, This is what I mean when I talk about QUALITY TOURS!

Rafael Torres Lopes
Tour Guide and Travel Planner

A friend in Brazil

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