Sunday, May 10, 2015


My task as a your guide is very simple, giving you loads of fun when you decide to come to Rio, great people from Brazil and from all over the World experience my tours and they became good friends for life. Beautiful occupation when you really love what you do. When you imagine a tour guide you might picture someone with an uniform, treating you kind and show you in a very perfect way the main attractions of Rio de Janeiro, but when you come, you will find RAFA with sandals, giving you a tight hug and show you with passion all over Rio.

The fun started with the visit of Larissa and Luca from my own country...they left Campinas, a very important university city that produces genius to give Brazil the secure way of development and a great future. I made Rio fascinating and simple for them, and life gave mw wonderful friends, a real family that I know, I will meet them in Rio over and over again. 

They came from the heart of of Black Forest, Freiburg im Breisgau, the sunniest and warmest city of Germany to enjoy life in the sunniest and warm tropical Rio de Janeiro, with them 1120 years of culture and with me a little bit more than 500 years of absolutely culture to the New World. Brazil gave me all the joy to welcome such great mother and son in my land. I just could show them too few...just the Rio that I adore and I could even put some Niteroi in their lives and taught the way to find Ilha Grande on their own. Rio de Janeiro away from the tourism industry, coming to my tours will be informal side of a city where your best friend RAFA lives. Mama Hilka and dear brother Lars, muchas gracias for everything.

This work provides me to express my love for Brazil. Deutschland always in my life and always will be present in my whole existance. 

I am so fortunate to welcome fellow brazilians like me to show one of our incredible cities in the whole country. Rio de Janeiro is the gateway to Brazil and this shining couple is from our stunning State of Ceará...thanks to them, I am making more and more friends in Fortaleza. Gabriela and Guilherme spent two days with me and I simply gave them the best of Rio. 

If you come to Rio de Janeiro you will find more than a guide, you will have a friend, and moments that will remain in your life forever. My intention is to make you always come back to see more and more.

Just come here with open heart, come here with the joy you need to find new experiences, just come here and meet me. You will laugh, you will take unforgetable photos. Texas sent me two amazing friends to see Rio and I had the task to make Rio simply remarkable for them, and I guess I made it...we had a ball!!! :) Thank you so much Lance and Taylor to make this day so special, from Rio to Niteroi, and for the record, Niteroi is a hidden surprise in Rio de Janeiro.

So now you know, Rio de Janeiro will give you a friend, someone ready to show you the place with the heart full of energy and love. this occupation means a lot to me and for more than 15 years I have been doing this. Write to me and tell me your plans and I will set up an itinerary just for you and whoever comes with you. I am ready to welcome from the solo traveller to the several groups.

Brazil is my company and Rio de Janeiro is my main office, and all over the country will be so easy for you to find out that in this side of South America there will be a home waiting for you.

Thank you very much dear traveller for all this work and great moments that you always grant to my life.

Rafael Torres Lopes
Tour Guide and Travel Planner

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