Sunday, February 8, 2015


Davina was a brilliant guest from South Africa and now she is a wonderful friend I have in Johannesburg...yes, sometimes I can have some unusual reaction when I meet you in Rio...I always tell my guests that I am not exactly a guide, I will be your friend in Rio. I tend to forget protocols and I want to show you the energy and the joy of brazilian people!

Moments with Rafa will be the surprises you will see in Rio...visiting places where regular tourists never go simply because they don't know these places exist. 

Friends meetings, family meetings...high spirit and free hearts covering amazing places with a lot of photos and history. A cool way to learn about our daily life. A Different Rio with someone totally concern to offer a real experience and to convince you that Brazil is a very informal destination!

 Rio has some icons...the Christ is for sure the most famous be sure I never forget these places...but get prepared to laugh, be sure that you will exercise a lot your informal side. With myself and mu guides, you will be with real friends, people who are really worried to gove you a very FRIENDLY RIO!

When we have time and when you want to discover the secrets of Rio, we can end up in paradises like that. Off the beaten path places will be waiting for you. I can dedicate the whole day to take you to many surprising places. It is up to you, the itineraries are just references, I am always flexible to taylor our day according to your wishes and my useful sugestions.

Social approach: Always I will be a "bridge" between your culture and brazilian culture, so I might take you to a local communities and some favelas for you to learn more about our routine, you will get to know the brazilians from all levels of life and pictured with unbelieveble views!

HIGH SEASON MEANS SUMMER!!! So the heat will be something that you will have to get ready and accept...I cannot control high temperatures...the good side is that I will always have a bucket, hahahaha :) And I will be close to the ocean or to a waterfall, so if you want to get wet...OH YES, I will love to give you water...not always for drinking, hahahahah :)))))

You see...HAPPY FACES...thius is what I want when I am with you!!! :)

Rafael Torres Lopes
Tour Guide and Travel Planner

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