Wednesday, July 30, 2014


We made a new Maracanã...the soul of Rio's Football was built in 1950 for our first World Cup. Brazil had the chance to host the event, so the Governor Lacerda was the responsable of the Stadium's construction...As usual, people had lots of expectation and Brazil had a glorious team...we reached the final and Uruguay was our the last minute they scored the second goal...and GOOD BYE TITLE!!!

63 YEARS had passed and we got the chance to host the World Cup for the second time and we really wanted to shout BRASIL CAMPEÃO...we use our chest to scream the name Brazil with lots of pride and love...but again, we failed...and this time we did not even reach the final...

The official name of our stadium is ESTADIO MARIO FILHO, he was a famous jornalist in that time and also brother of a famous novelist (one of the notable Fluminense Fan), Nelson Rodrigues; but we all know the Stadium as MARACANÃ...before the construction and also until nowadays lots of parrots fly over the trees making a lot of noise; and some of this parrots were MARACANÃ-GUAÇU. 

I live very close to the Stadium...a small walking distance. It was great to see that huge party that the whole World were my window I could see people in extasis. I could not watch any game because of my work and also because the tickets did not have a democrat price. I am BOTAFOGO by the way...sad to say it is not one of the most famous football team in Rio. But it is one of the best in the State.

Ohhhh just for the record...we can put a visit to the Stadium or watching the game together, it can be part of the tour...the entrance fee is not included in the tour price!

Rafael Torres Lopes
Tour Guide and Travel Planner

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