Saturday, May 11, 2013


I am so proud to give everything of me to show you the spirit of Rio. Now you understand what the Cariocas like, and you are familiar with all the daily life of the Cariocas, and Rio is for sure one absolutely place that is now your home way from home!!!

I am here to show you all the time that Rio is easy and fascinating, despite of problems that big cities like Rio have...busy traffic, time that runs with no mercy and messy people, but Rio is much better than any problem that any city can have. When you have real friends in Rio, Rio becomes not only a World Famous Place, Rio is a home of your friend who will always be here to welcome you AND YOUR FRIENDS with open arms!!!

Open arms just like the Christ you see in the picture, that photo with you opening your arms with the Christ (super symbol of Rio) behind you explains THE PASSION OF RIO. A city where every stranger gives you a smile, a city which has sunshine, the ocean, the green mountains with you all the time. A city with lovely charming bohemian portuguese neighborhood where you can sit with a friend all surrounded by history, traditions and same tables where the best names of Rio used to sit and do the same that we are doing. This is the informal side of Rio that I am always ready to show you!!!

THE TOUR FOLLOWS AN ITINERARY BUT RIO HAS SO MUCH TO SEE THAT WE WILL HAVE TO BE OPENED FOR IMPROVISATION...SURPRISES, AND GOOD ONES, CAN HAPPEN AND THE SURPRISES WILL BE VERY PLEASANT. Paul and I came across with a very interesting photos exhibition in the so beautiful Copacabana Fort and we found this amazing owl. 

If you do not know, I am a fanatic photography lover and Rio is a real playground for that!

It is not only a is a landmark in our hearts...Meeting myself here is not meeting a guide, it is meeting someone who are really honored to show you what Rio looks like...The great award is the smile in your faces and your laud laughs...THE GIGGLE TOUR, this is what I do!!! :)

I show Rio without the touristic touch...Rio with me will be always with a personal touch and people with high energy like you give me enough pleasant to be in Rio with you, with all the things I learnt. Each person has one universe which is always a fertile field to explore. So you helped me to make Rio even more interesting and I help you to put RIO and Brazil in your heart and you will always have a memorable place forever in your life.  

Thank you for choosing Brazil to have fun and we have fun no matter what...We visited a poor community in the outskirts of Rio, at Complexo do Alemão, one peaceful favela in Rio with a lot of social benefits that I love to take my people to see closerly how our people's life is improved, for the better always. May this flag always remind my friend Paul (and my italian friend Francesca) that in Brazil you will always find something special to do!!! :)

Thank you Paul for being such a very special friend and please tell all the folks in England that they should come always!!! Here they will always find friends and good stories to tell for the rest of life!


Rafael Torres Lopes
Tour Guide and Travel Planner

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