Thursday, March 28, 2013


If you are into Gastronomy just like I will understand that Buenos Aires has lots of incredible secrets...It took me so many visits to Baires to find out more about the city, the soul of its people and the vibe of the city...In my travel I learnt easily that we have to avoid the obvious touristy places and then you will find a different World in such a common destination. This makes Buenos Aires special, the "local secrets" are the real HAPPENING of each place no matter what country you are. 

One afternoon strolling around San Isidro, one of my favorite provinces of Buenos Aires outskirts, with Mariano Rinaldi, my best friend, considered like a brother to me...In our way back, before getting home; we stopped in one of the most traditional and most popular pizza place in the north zone of Buenos Aires. 

PIZZERIA VICTOR...We had the impression that we were the only brazilian people who has been there and I really confirm the incredible pleasure of tasting their pizza...

You know when your stomach commands your brains...well, it happened when I first felt the absolutely delicious aroma of such a perfect hand made pizza, exacly like the most traditional Napoli Chefs do...I strongly believe that the italians outside ITALIA really make the best pastas in the World, like the italians in New York and the italians in Bexiga, São Paulo; and in Buenos Aires is not different. 

They say that in Buenos Aires, half of the population are italian, LOS TANOS; and the other half are spanish, LOS GALLEGOS...and it is true...For years and years I know the RINALDI''S FAMILY. And I really know how italian they are...from this wonderful family that I am so honored to be friends with; Mariano is the member that knows me for ages and he granted myself the honor of getting to know all his family...this family is so italian that LA NONNA is still there, captained her kitchen and so many kitchens in all of Rinaldi's home and surroundings...which I am very thankful for the endless time that I took part of the family Asados and the best Lasagna in the World...

Talking about World...this people mean the World to me...they are really my reference in Buenos Aires and if I know the city well, I owe all this knowledge to my good friends that I have made in Argentina. Thank you Mariano and all the Martinez Gang.

Marcone and I had a blast at Victor's. We travel to Argentina a lot, trying to find more new places to show you in this vast continent of South America.

Maybe it is a sin being in a photo drinking dutch beer in Argentinean Territory when I should be drinking Quilmes or Patagonia...please Dear Readers, forgive me...but the Pizza is very argentinean with a strong italian personality!!! :)))) And here is one of the argentinean's celebrities. Mariano, great friend, wonderful husband of my another friend and DIVA Andrea and fabulous journalist that every day keep every citizen well informed about the city and I always have privileged information every time I go to Buenos Aires.

Well, writing about Argentina does not mean that I am in Argentina and please do not think that you are in a wrong blog about a brazilian tour guide. As I mentioned before my blog is all about my thoughts, my life and my own World of Travels and it is also a source of good information about everything in South America.

I am just a little bit nostalgic about Argentina and I decide to make a tribute to all my argentinean friends and my big reference in Argentina, my brother Mariano Rinaldi.

I am sure I will be back!!!

Rafael Torres Lopes
Tour Guide and Travel Planner

By the way, you will find Pizzeria Victor in Vicente Lopez, Avenida Maypu, 1798 corner with Hipolito Yrigoyen if I am not mistaken...If you are right in downtown Buenos Aires, you will need a taxi to go, it is far from the centre of the Capital.

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