Wednesday, January 23, 2013


I have a challenge for my friends in Pocatello, Idaho...would you come to Rio and reach a place called Praça Granito!!!????? And it is a challenge for every intrepid visitor that comes to Brazil, searching for wonderful secrets in Brazil...Some local jewels are waiting for you when we meet...Pure cultural tour in Rio visiting the Squares in the Rio's Suburbios (outskirts) and you will have loooooooads of fun!!!

It is part of my night tours now...We spend the evening together exploring unique parties and getting to know real people, away from the touristic places!

It is far from Rio's famous places...Forget about Copacabana....forget about Ipanema...forget about is time for us to explore the SOUL of Rio...

Praça Granito is a popular spot right in the limits between the north and west areas of Rio. It is in the heart of a neighborhood called Anchieta and it has so many food quiosks and I am a Gastronomy Hunter, and I can tell you...this is by far the best place to eat street food and the best of our Brazilian Cuisine can be found there! And we will be surrounded by a crowd ready for party, with Samba and Pagode, and of course Funk Music. Happiness everywhere!!!

We can combine dinner at Granito and some hours in a genuine Samba School in the weekends. Come and join us, it will be a remarkable experience for you to understand the natural joy of Carioca People!

No doubt this is one of my favorite places when I bring dear friends just to have a great time. I only have cool moments when I visit Praça is a MUST DO place in your trip to Rio and I am here to take you there.

I love being with my people. I love spend nights talking and talking...

Rafael Torres Lopes
Tour Guide and Travel Planner

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