Monday, September 24, 2012


I wish I could be here more often, I wish I could write in my bloig everyday because I love sharing all my actions as a guide, as your friend and as a person. It is a real theraphy for me to be here and express my thoughts, telling you about places in Brazil and South America that you should visit and also telling to the whole world how complete and passionate I am for my work!!!

But with the life that I have sometimes I really feel that 24 hours is not suficient...So people get angry with me because I take a lot of time to reply one email...sometimes people do not wait not even five minutes but it happens when they are lucky to write to me at the same moment that I am in front of my computer!

Just think that I am working hard to make people happy, just like Meghan in her fast trip to Rio, so when people have very few time in the city, I am here to make it special! :)

A lot of people suggest me...hire an assistant...oh well...who will write exactly in the way that I write??? Who is going to write about lots of improvisations that I have to think while I am touring...I can be everywhere, but be sure that I am always seekings something new and if by chance I take more than two days without sending any news, it does not mean that YOU ARE NOT IMPORTANT, it does not mean THAT I WILL NOT WRITE TO means that I am doing so many different things at the same time!

Something for sure...I will always find time to update my is the best way for you to know more about myself, here you will know exactly how your tour guide will be and here you will see that I will be your next new friend in any trip that you make to Brazil. I am just here to make this huge country a small home for you!!! :))))


Andrea put a lot of irish flavour in my tours...our day in Niteroi was fun fun fun fun fun and lots of fun...we laughed alot and I just earned wonderful friends!

So one thing that you have to not be angry just because I am not so often in my blog. At least if you keep on clicking in "old posts" you will see a lot of things that I wrote and that should be very useful for you now!!!

And one more thing before I go...I am deeply in love with my work and I am very honored to welcome people nearly every week!!!

Rafael Torres Lopes
Tour Guide and Travel Planner

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