Monday, June 11, 2012


I am so fortunate to work hard and as a prize...I get this kiss!!!! :) HAHAHAHAHA I am joking...the real joy of my work is making spectacular friends from all over the World and thanks to my service promoting Brazil to great travellers I have so much fun and people remain in my life forever. It was no different with Abra. 

She found me in a MIRACLE BOX called TRIP ADVISOR because she needed to fullfill the time her Nursing students would spend in Rio and she asked me to organize a fun day her team.

And what a team of super efficient and absolutely friendly nurse group coming from various part of USA. They are all students of Chamberlain College Nursing. We used two guides, the group had Marcone and myself, and we had two groups so far and everytime they come it is a real party!!!!

I am not good about counting time but all I know is that a little bit more than one year I met a guest and I ended up having a wonderful friend. Abra came with her second group for one more mission in Brazil but this time she decided to have a deserved rest and of course I suggested her to spend some free days in Rio by RAFA'S STYLE!!! :) And we went with some of our friends to Buzios, one very cool weekend destination that we have in Rio and we found a MOTTORBIKERS MEETING in a football field on Estrada da Usina Road...Loads of people all together, lots of rock and roll, good food and happiness in the air!!!

As Abra and I share the motto: BORN TO BE WILD...We wildly had a ball!!!

I was honored to show Abra how I take my days off...always picking up a beautiful place to recharge my batteries. I normally go to Buzios when I am in Brazil, it belongs to Rio de Janeiro so it is not so far from Copacabana where I live. Abra also brought to Rio her good friend Diego, what a character, and I decided to ask all my dear ones to join us in this small trip, my cousins Luciana and her daughter Giulia, and of course Marcone joined us; and it was the best days ever!!!

These days in Rio were our last day, Diego had to go to São Paulo and we all went to the General Bus Station RODOVIARIA NOVO RIO to say good bye to one of the GOOD LIFE'S MEMBER.

We did a lot in Rio, day and night, night and day. I had the great pleasure to introduce Abra to my best friends, she knew Marcone already, we always had great times here in Rio. Abra, this wonderful soul, could see what Brazil looks like. 

I think I could BRAZILIANIZE HER!!!! :)))))

One of my great pleasures in life is being surrounded by wonderful friends, they are family for me and I give everything to them. they have my heart, they have my trust and with them I am strong. We had one evening and of course I cooked (but I only know how to to PASTA, but my sauces are famous!!!). We had Vanessa, my super divine friend, my sister and we laughed alot!!!

Now Abra is part of my life, she belongs to the best chapters of my BOOK OF LIFE. We went everywhere, she knows Rio so much now that I am thinking that she will be my tour guide today!!! Just joking...she has a lot of people to take care, she still have lots of plans to provide better quality of life to all people in the World and also to share her incredible SOCIAL CARE knowledge to each individual either in the State or Brazil.


Brazil now is even better because we have one amazing person who love our Land. Brazil will be proud about so many plans that Abra and I will have together. And my life is a happy life but way happier because I have this wonderful friend in my life.

I am dedicating this week for you (and you know that my life is also fully dedicated to people that I love and you are one of the people who hold my real love) because your kindness and goodness is always here to improve people's life. I am so very proud of you, so much that I see you as my sisters always prepared to give me support full of wisdon. 

We miss your high energy...I miss your laughs or OUR made me "wet my paints" (I know you must be shocked, but do you know when you laugh so much that the first thing you do when you get home to you straight to the toilet???) in so many moments. We miss your inspiring spirit everywhere...Even Kikinha (our cat) miss you badly!!!

Thank you very much for being YOURSELF....

And never forget that in Brazil you left part of your heart...AND OUR HEARTS BOOM BOOOM BOOM BOOM BOOM FOR YOU....


Hahahahahahahah We love you dearly, Abra....

Tour Guide and Travel Planner

Abra's brother


Abra Greenberg said...


Just as I have left an impression on you, you have made quite the impression on me as well.

First, as a tour began with your initial response to my email after finding you on Trip Advisor - the email was SO friendly, welcoming, and funny...I knew I had to meet you and see what you were all about...
When I first met you and Marcone, I thought to myself..."oh boy, this is going to be a day that I will never forget!!", but never in my wildest dreams did I expect to gain such two amazing people that I consider family.
Our second trip in Rio was far from disappointing...even with the luggage issues, we made it work and it turned out to be a great opportunity for us to further our friendship and the students had an amazing tour of Rio.

Second, as a friend, Rafa, you are one of the most generous people I know. Even only after one meeting with you, you became a friend! I adore you & your enthusiasm for wanting people to enjoy Rio and fall in love with it as much as you love your home. You have such a joy for life and it is contagious!I look forward to my returning to Brasil when I can bring more students to enjoy the country and learn, but also to see my family!!

And, I didn't forget about Marcone...a kindred spirit!! You are also so funny, kind, compassionate!! When you talk about Rio, you can see how much you also love the city...and when you talk about nursing, you light up! I love to talk nursing with you and we have learned so much from each other! You are amazing!!

I am honored to have made it to your blog and I am so touched by your words! I love both of you very much, my Brasilian brothers and I will see you again very soon - ai se eu te pego!!! ;-)

Anonymous said...

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