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Buenos Aires is more than a place that I just organize tours. The city is my great home outside Brazil. Now after some work I spend some days to rest and see the places that I love going, to visit my best and old friends and Argentina is where I meet Marcone for us to explore more of the city and more of the country!

My story with Buenos Aires comes from a long time ago. More than 20 years. Time enough to have many families that live in my heart, time enough to get to know the city as the palm of my hand!

I love the city so much that now I take my guests to see a different side of the city, I also share my argentinean secrets to all my guests and friends!

Nature...Buenos Aires is not a wild destination, it is a very big city with a huge european influence in every little corner of the town, but Baires offers very green parks and lots of Gardens but even for the traveller seeking for nature activities there are interesting places like the Tigre Delta, lots of greens and islands in the Parana and Lujan River with a vast number of bird life and all kind of animals. The nature is alive and shining over there. The people love their gardens and the city has a lot of trees.

Buenos Aires breaths TANGO...Tango is to Argentina what Samba means to Brazil...And it is more than a music, it is more than a dance. Tango is the country's religion. And I am a Tango I can say that tango is a SENTIMENT. Every one has a TANGUERO SIDE, or in spanish, "mi lado tanguero". The dance is charming and sensual, the lyrics are STORIES OF LIFE TOLD IN 3 MINUTES...And Tango gave us important names like the "saint" CARLOS GARDEL, big name of argentinean culture; and other names like Anibal Troilo; Julio Sosa, Goyeneche, el Polaco; Piazolla...Tango is so important for this people that it became subjects in universities. And today, we have incredible voices like Raul Lavie and Adriana Varela

I LOVE TANGO, that's all!!!

And Buenos Aires has lots of monuments. very traditional neighborhoods and the city is vibrant, full of restaurants, full of things to do. Buenos Aires has life...The colorful houses of La Boca, the traditions of Santelmo, the ellegance of Patio Bullrich; the modern Puerto Madero; the cemetery La Recoleta which is a open air museum and a journey through the history of the country; the green streets of Palermo and the busy downtown with the lights of Corrientes and Diagonal...

BUENOS AIRES IS FUN, BUENOS AIRES CAN BE EXPLORED IN 4 DAYS...Soon I will tell you what to do there!!!

Avenida 9 de Julio is an impressive cannot cross the street in just one red light, we usually stop in the middle, if you do not run...but there you feel the vibe of the city. There you find the famous Opera House Teatro Colon...This is where Buenos Aires impose its charm and its incredible presence!!!

The homely sensation of our trips to Buenos Aires is always present. In the city we have friends that we deeply love, like Alejandra Escudero, a dear friend, so much friend that she is like a wise sister for me. She is also a very efficient travel agent, she always send me incredible argentinean guests to my tours in Rio!!! Marcone loves her and we always have a fantastic time when we meet.

El CONSEJO...with these folks we discuss about LIFE in Buenos Aires...they are the ones we adore to stay with and all the chances we have to get together, we take it. This dinner at IL GATTO at Corrientes Avenue is part of our life history. Mariano and Andrea; Javier and Alejandra, they are our REAL FAMILY in the city. Beloved friends, people who live in my heart. And of course, Marcone always present to give even more bright in every meeting I have!

El Obrero...very few people know this is part of the local's city gastronomy, right in the heart of La Boca..this is a delicious spot where we meet our friends, and Vero, my incredible PORTEÑA FRIEND, granted me the honor to have lunch with her. Veronica is my favorite tour guide in Buenos Aires, she will be the one who will take you to many unique places in the city. Veronica is one of the people that I enterily trust in all over Argentina.

Titina Rinaldi is one of the golden personalities that I know in Argentina. She belongs to my fantastic friends Mariano and Andrea. Brazil has Kikinha and Argentina has Titina, our mascotas. We always have animals that are part of our lives and I had the honor to share the CHICHE with her!!! We had loads of fun in Vicente Lopez where we love staying when we are in town.

ARGENTINA - Ohhhhhhh this simple name can be a reason of a war between ou countries but I love going against the flow, once in a while...Football is a big thing here, specially when it refers to Brazil and Argentina, our dream is to have a final in the World Cup!

Argentina is one of my favorite many places in the coutry that I love going such as Iguazu Falls, Patagonia and the north of the country like Salta, La Rioja and Tucuman...not forgetting the gaucho farms of the Province, Corrientes and Santa Fé...The country gives me work and I am everlasting grateful.

You can count on me if you are planning a trip to Buenos Aires and also with Marcone, another guide really prepared to make you feel a local in the city, but when we are not in town, I will have great guides to give you all the assistance you need in the city.

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