Sunday, March 18, 2012


Dear Reader, well, we all get well prepared in our last day in any our last day, the big concern is being on time at the airport and take our plane with no problem at all. In our trip to Buenos Aires, city that I work and adore, Marcone and I got to the Modern Ezeiza Airport with 5 HOURS IN ADVANCE. We were thinking about getting to the airport with plenty of time to have our coffe, enough time for me to write my emails (something that I have to do even when I am in the jungle) and go through immigration like I did in many countries.

BUT OUR DREAM TURNED INTO A NIGHTMARE...and this is not our first time...bad things happened in past trips, and always in the same AIRPORT: EZEIZA

And I am soooo sorry about my adorable Argentina and beloved Buenos Aires, but for me I give a name for the city's airport: HELLZEIZA.

So anyone who is coming to Buenos Aires...YOUR LAST DAY MUST BE DEDICATED TO THE AIRPORT...Endless lines...lines to get to the immigration, lines to stamp passports and documents...lines for everything...BIG RISK FOR YOU TO LOOSE YOUR FLIGHT!!!

No organization what's so ever, no care about people...when you complain something to the staff they simply say it is not their problem!!!

This scene is very common in Ezeiza Airport, one think that I need to clear up...THIS IS NOT ME IN THE PHOTO :)))))

You should really get to the airport with a lot of hours in advance...and you still have the risk of not embarking in your plane!!!

It is a pety to say but the Airport in Buenos Aires is for sure one of the worst airport in the World and they have the bad reputation of not telling you that you have to pay a huge airport tax, so make sure this tax is included in your ticket, otherwise one more pleasant queue!

Sorry for being so cruel to Buenos Aires...BUT IT IS NOT THE CITY'S FAULT...The one to blame are the authorities of the local Goverment that are not convinced yet that Argentina is one of the most fantastic destinations in the World!

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