Thursday, November 3, 2011


I am back...hardly I can update my so beloved my blog and make my dear reader so updated with my latest news because I simply cannot stop with so many work....My email box is being bombed with so many tour requests for the next immediate days and I am planning itineraries, I am touring all over the city, I am always touring out of the city, out of the State of Rio de Janeiro and sometimes even out of the country. Thanks to all my guests I am really increasing my horizons but the little problem is that I AM JUST ONE PERSON!!!!!!

So I cannot reply my emails so quickly and I DO ASK TO ALL MY DEAR READERS A LITTLE MORE PATIENCE. Think that if you write to me and you do not get a fast response that means that I must be in a boat under one of the biggest Falls in the World feeding other traveller's curiosity to find out such a wonderful continent called SOUTH AMERICA!!!!

Part of my tours are also dedicated to one of the wonders on Earth...Cataratas de Iguazu through my eyes of traveller and SOUTH AMERICA'S LOVER...This paradise friendly shared by Brazil and Argentina...Offering adventure for those who are in the mood to find out that SOUTH AMERICA is one of the most fascinating places in the World, taking people where they can feel the sacred presence of God in every step you take...a place where the strengh of nature brings tears in your eyes. A place where EVERY ONE can wake up the INDIANA JONES spirit hidden in yourself!!!

You see, when I am exploring such a place...I cannot write so many messages...but be sure that I will write back to you no matter what, I just need a little patience and IF ONCE I SAY THAT OUR TOUR IS CONFIRMED....THAT MEANS THAT THE TOUR WILL HAPPEN!!!!

Dealing with people from all over the World gave me lots of friends!!! And it is natural that I keep in touch with most of my guest that once I gave the best of Rio de Janeiro, the best of Brazil and the best of South America. Once you tour with me, you quickly becomes a dear friend of mine and be sure that I will take you to unique places!

And to keep my business running I have to reply all messages for people who are coming TOMORROW, for people who are coming NEXT WEEK, for people who are coming NEXT MONTH, for people who are coming in THREE MONTHS TIME, for people who are coming for THE WORLD CUP, for people who are coming in the OLYMPICS...

And for the moment I will not have an assistant to reply my emails....who is going to write to my guests in the way I write???? Who will have my personal touch and attention for you, dear reader????

Sometimes I can be in Minas Gerais provinding the secrets of our interesting history, taking people where important facts in Brazil took place. I explore the country with you and I made you feel the main character of my "brazilian stories" and believe me, I bring my computer with me to write my messages, to update all my sources of communication BUT YOU KNOW....IT IS A LOT OF WORK AS WELL....

I keep on saying that I need more than 24 hours in my day...and this message goes to my dear friend Fred in Vancouver, I will write to you personally about my delays in replying people...I do not forget you, never, specially because you understand how hard it is to keep the quality of my tours going with my guests everywhere and write messages in the most remore places in the country and also in the Continent.

But I am here like I always have been...I am your friend in Rio de Janeiro and I am ready to give you an authentic experience. I am ready to take you to places where you will see unique sites, where you will meet people and taste the best of our food, you will be fed with the best of our culture, you will have fun like meeting friends. Thanks God, in my work I am not alone, I can always count with the help of my guides and drivers...Rio, Brazil and other countries in South America specially ARGENTINA, Uruguay, Chile, Paraguay, Peru, Bolivia and the far end of crazy Venezuela. I am here for you dear reader, all the time, I just require a little patience!!! I am just only one for a lot of people who are crazy to have an amazing experience in my land...

And I will accomplish every tour!!!
Thanks for reading, thanks for understanding, thank you very much for your confidence and friendship!


Rafael Torres Lopes

Tour Guide and Travel Planner

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