Thursday, November 3, 2011


It is always a privilege to be back to one of the most beautiful places in the is a dream of every traveller to see such a wonderful sceneray, it is a dream of every adventure to experience the power of nature!!! I am so fortunate to lead small groups in there and once ina while I go there myself in order to see the new places, to meet my friends and simply to enjoy the nature. This time my great friend and excellent guide Marcone Lima joined me in this trip. We love to find new things to do together just to offer MY DEAR GUESTS and READERS unique and cool experiences.

Five days, that's all you need to have a complete experience in the Falls, many people come to the Falls with way less time and this is a serious mistake. Iguazu Falls also means JUNGLE EXPERIENCES and you have to explore both sides, the brazilian side which can be covered in one day and the argentinean side which deserves days and days to be explored!!!

You have to be really closer to such a gorgeous attractions, to understand and recognize every corner to make your trip complete to Brazil and also to Argentina which shares such a paradise, we need to understand every little trail for you not to miss any single angle of one of your most fantastic trip...this is really the journey of a life time and it has to be special!!!

Brazil offers such a unique view of the whole complex of Falls and also allows you to see the size of Iguazu Falls, it is so amazing and so unique. A visit to the falls in the brazilian side is always better when you do it right in the first day when you departure from the airport in Foz do Iguaçu. Then you can make your way to Argentina with one of our drivers.

You will have time to be in front of such amazing nature creation, explore all the trails to the main platform called Floriano Falls and you will have time to have lunch in the very nice restaurant PORTO DAS CANOAS. Pay attention that the restaurant is only opened until 4:00 pm. If you are in the Falls after this time then just eat in the argentinean side because the other options are expensive and not so good!

The argentinean side in the Parque Nacional del Iguazu is waaaaaaay more complete and it is bigger, so it will deserve all your attention; the whole visit will take the whole day and the main attractions starts in the park and every where you go you have a fantastic surprise, starting by an impressive walk to see the DEVIL'S THROAT, or la Garganta del Diablo which is a non sense whole in the middle of Iguazu River where all the water goes to follow the course of the river. It is like seeing a giant mixer and you wishing not to be an orange!!!!

There you can take the famous speed boat to be under the falls....crazy but absolutely necessary experience and please never forget that once you are in, you will be absolutely get some extra clothes in your bag, but never missed, it will be a wonderful IN LOCO explanation about the environment and a fabulous experiece for you to understand about the jungle and see both sides of the falls in a RIVER PERSPECTIVE....

Puerto Iguazu is where you should stay, do not forget to visit the Argentinean Embassy website - - and the best option for you to experience the gaucho way of life. A quiet and very cute town full of wonderful and traditional restaurants, a place with nice and sophisticated bars with great music and safe atmosphere. Great hotels, hostels, cottage and lodges. It is indeed a fantastic way to start any trip in Argentine and learn more about the culture of the MISIONE'S JUNGLE. A place where you will learn about the misterious GUARANI CULTURE, a place where you will be in touch with the nature even in the yard of your place. Luxury, comfort and adventure are waiting for you in the Province of Misiones where you will really explore Iguazu Falls just like the first spanish conquerors!

We can specially go there to join you in this adventure, I mean, Marcone and I, but just with a small group of 8 and 12 people if you contact us way in advance; but you can always go there anytime because I have a great team locally established in Puerto Iguazu, Miryan Aguillar and Fernando Blanco, without them my work in the Falls would never be possible and in any time you want we can think about the JOURNEY OF YOUR LIFE.

Welcome to another place where you will make real friends!

Rafael Torres Lopes
Tour Guide and Travel Planner

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