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Well, get the best of your energy and open your heart for a wonderful adventure!!!! The Iguazu Falls belongs is part of Brazil and Argentina...both countries are proud to welcome you and there are ways that you can explore both sides with great things to do. As a traveller crazy for nature sights, as someone very expert in the area (humbling speaking) and with all the facilities that you can find...THE ARGENTINEAN SIDE IS THE BEST WAY FOR YOU TO EXPERIENCE ONE OF THE MOST SPECTACULAR SHOW OF THE NATURE!!!!

LAS CATARATAS DE IGUAZU - No doubt one of my favorite places in South America and for sure one of my special visited places in the World!!!!

Marcone and I were there almost one month ago, in the first week of November, this year...and we decided to take some time to relax and you know myself fairly well, I do not rest when I go to places for resting...we have to explore, we have to see more posibilities for our guests...And the Argentinean side really provides better activities and amazing adventures!!! One of them is GRAN take a truck to the river through the jungle and you board a speed boat that will take you LITERALLY IN THE FALLS!!!!

I apologyze not to share the photos because I could not take any a result you get ABSOLUTELY SOAKED!!! And we needed to protect our cameras...All I can tell you is....DO IT...It is the best moment of EVERYONE'S LIFE...Seeing the huge falls so close is simply speechless...Impossible to describe so many emotions!!!

The boat is very very well equipped, the navigators are extremelly experienced and all you will have will be TOTAL FUN!!!!

The way to the "Falls Explosion" is also an amazing chance for you to understand the rich fauna and flora of our tropical jungles and to see other hidden falls in the Park. You will understand more of both sides in Falls.

You will always have these wonderful memories during your whooooooole life!!!

Also, in the park for sure you will see the DEVIL'S THROAT...It is also known as GARGANTA DEL DIABLO...HOLY is really an enormous THROAT...the intense Iguazu river flows with violence to a big hole in the middle of the forest...Saying "big" is not enough to describe the size of this hole and the ammount of water is COLOSSUS, if you understand the meaning of this word. From Devil's Throat you can really notice that the Devil swallows a lot of water, hahahahahahah :))))))

Anyway....It is funny to realize that THE DEVIL'S THROAT is one of the most perfect GOD'S CRIATION that I ever seen in my entire life!!!!

The access to the Devil's Throat can be only made in the side of Argentina, right in the entrance of the National Park you go to a train station. The train is a pleasant way for you to follow the course of Iguazu River, you can see many birds and all the nature in extasis...It is a real spectacular experience. The train will leave you in the beggining of the trails (very well done pedestrian bridges) in the river and the more you approach the Devil's Throat more you will hear the sound of the water and I tell is like a THUNDER....

In the park you have the upper trails and the lower trails that will lead you soooo close to the Falls, every curve you turn you come across with tremendous views...It is sooooo lush and so complete that you feel part of the Nature...Sometimes you take yourself to the very biggining of the MISSIONS and realize how everything used to be when the first conquerors stepped foot there!!!


Marcone is one of my guides and for sure my very very best friends. We spend a lot of time together planning your adventures in Brasil and all over our Continent. We are proudly South Americans and we want to make it easy for you!!!

I lead groups to explore other parts of Brazil and also Argentina...So IGUAZU FALLS is one of the destinations that I will help you to explore!

Very soon I will take a wonderful group of canadian friends and also another group from Malta...I am here to make each person of this planet to see this WORLD WONDER OF NATURE!!!

I have my group of tour guides also ready to welcome you in the Falls Area...Miryam and Fernando are based in Puerto Iguazu where all the adventures start. And I can meet you in the falls if you organize a little group in advance and I will be there in person to organize every little activity!!!

PUERTO IGUAZU is the main city where you will spend the pleasant nights in this very interesting village of Misiones, Argentina.

Make sure about the VISAS before you explore the Falls...sometimes visas are not required for some nations and sometimes Argentina or Brazil require visas for some nationalities, so BEFORE COMING TO THE FALLS, MAKE SURE IN THE NEARBY EMBASSIES (Brazil or Argentina) WHAT YOU NEED TO HAVE THE BEST TIME OF YOUR LIVES!!!

Rafael Torres Lopes
Tour Guide and Travel Planner


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