Friday, September 30, 2011


Well, he changed a lot...but always with positive joy and energy. This is Marcone today...ESSE É O MARCONE HOJE like we say in portuguese! A friend of everyone, a great promoter of Brazil, a person always ready to help anyone.

I am proud to work with this wonderful friend. I am honored to belong to his personal history. I was the first one to tell him that YES...Rio holds a future for you...Brazil needs you and in Rio you will start. Today he is a very successful tour guide, a very popular english teacher in traditional schools of Rio and a brilliant nursery student. Marcone has the touch of Midas and he can be your guide!!! If I am busy he is one of the great guides that I blindly convinced to recommend to you!

Dear Reader, once you are in Rio you will have the chance to meet this person, a person that is always prepared to make Brazil even more personal to you! He has a baby face but this man carries a lot of information, he has too much to give without ever asking to take. A person with generous heart, a person that will always provide you the best of our lands...Maranhão, Rio de Janeiro and all over Brazil!!!

Muito Obrigado Marcone

Rafael Torres Lopes

Tour Guide - Travel Planner

A friend of Marcone

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