Thursday, July 14, 2011


Hearing about Favelas we always things about the problems that Rio had some years ago...Problems still exist but we are way more aware about our social problems and the population and also the Goverment is really trying to help. Less violence is clear as water and in some communities peace and joy are back!!!

Children can play outside and go to school without being worried to be victym of many cross fires, families can commute, business back in the little groceries, barber stores and lots of little restaurants opened in their own houses, and believe me, the food is gorgeous!!!

Some of them will stop you just to have there photos taken, some of them will show you their pets...anyway, the favela is the birth of a very deep culture in Rio de Janeiro, this is where the SAMBA comes from. this is where our Carnaval is created. We, Cariocas, we owe them!!!

If you are coming to Rio not only for the beach and night life, but also for the culture and to enrich your knowledge...A real experience in a FAVELA cannot be outside of your plans! And you will find out some unique views of the city!!!

Well, Michael Jackson visited one of the favelas and recorded one of his hits THEY DON'T REALLY CARE ABOUT US (believe me, now WE CARE!!!), so many social ventures happening there and you can help too, I know several families that needs help, so just talk to me and we can do something special. Maybe going to a grocery store and buy some food for some families that really need it.

We can change something and your trip to Rio can help a lot of people!!!

And I am your friend here, you can always count on me!!!


Rafael Torres Lopes

Tour Guide and Travel Planner

A friend of Rio :)

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