Wednesday, July 13, 2011


You know those eyes who beg you to be taken home??? Well this is the risk of visiting a community when you LOVE ANIMALS just like I do....Street dogs in Brazil are well taken care off because people feed them and people are always ready to help or even take them homes. There are also a chance for them to be the PET of a certain street or community!!! We love animals!!! :)

A Favela is a fertile field for cats...millions of roofs and abundant vegetation for their hunting skills, besides it is clear that a lot of people love their cats. Walking in the favelas you cannot help looking inside of the houses and you always see a cat lying in the sofa or just sitting on the top of the living room TV.

Sydney, my guest and dear friend from New York had a blast when we were walking in Santa Marta Hill with her family, Jayne, Robert, Travis (TACO) and Juliana. Visiting a Favela is a nice opoortunity to see that no matter what social level you belong you will always see happiness and friendship among people. They are always ready to give us a large smile!!!

All the time wondering at Santa Marta Hill or Morro Santa Marta I always think that my cell phone rings. But you can hear real roosters. Chickens everywhere and for sure they are a good part of people's diet!!!

Dogs are also present in our day and they are plenty, always ready to play. People love their dogs in the Favelas but for sure they do not really care about their necessities on the BEWARE!!! :) WATCH YOUR STEP!!!!

If you are interested about visiting the famous poor communities in Rio that we name FAVELA, let me know. I can take you to many of them in Rio de Janeiro and I also know specific people that will help you in a social journey to the soul of Brazil. I can give you this experience not only in Rio but in places like Salvador, São Luis. And out of the country in Argentina, Bolivia and Venezuela.

Rafael Torres Lopes

Tour Guide and Travel Planner

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