Tuesday, July 26, 2011


I always say that in a Modern Art Place we take MODERN ART PICTURES! Thanks to our visit to Niteroi nwe can play with your imagination and I love doing it!!! We had a blast in the Oscar Niemeyer's Museum...Still alive this man, and still with a very active brain constructing very interesting buildings and monuments all over the World, and Niteroi had the honor to have some of his creation. Also, a wonderful opportunity to see some of the unique vistas of the Bay, in Niteroi's side.

Don't MESS with Texas!!! Well, I shake Texas, I am Sure!!! hahahahaha :) Everytime I have guests from this wonderful State. Texas always send me incredible people, this time I welcome my good new friends Tim and Jermy...We had a blast and they accept to join the tour that I was already planning with Robin and Barbara, sweet daughter and mother that wanted to come to Rio and have an explosion of fun with me!!! :) They are a real gift from a State that seems to love me, Michingan, THANK YOU MICHIGAN!!! :)

Well, a good tour have to start at Flamengo's park where you can see the traditional and expensive neighborhood of Urca, and also to have an idea about the beauty of our Bay Area, it is called Guanabara, also a great chance to get to know your people and get the feeling about what they want to do and what they like. In this moment you really feel that you get your friends for a life time!!! Tim and Jermy are wonderful people and I am proud to give them one entire day in Rio! :)

Selaron Stairs...the Rio's marterpiece, a must go place in the heart of the old centre. Selaron can be very crazy...some times he talks like a MOUTH MACHINE, sometimes he shuts his mouth up that we do not hear even a MICHELANGE OR DALI COMPLAINT...He loves to criticize. But going there is a chance for us to turn back time for our best trips because we will see tyles from all over the World. And this is also the chance to see two old and traditional neighborhoods, the bohemian Santa Thereza on the top of the hill and Lapa, the birth place of our Samba culture.

Well, our tour are not only visiting touristy places...actually very obvious places I simply do not take you, these are places very easy to reach, but I focus on our local culture and daily costums.

Niteroi is the funniest part of the tour with greast surprises too!!! We see a lot of places that people never think about visiting! We go to places that you will hardly find in travel books and Parque da Cidade, the point in Rio where we jump paraglyding is a must in the tour!!! Great views to the Ocean Side!

One of the secrets of our tours is visiting the beaches of Adan and, we see so many beautiful places and it is always a time for total laughs telling different stories about Rio de Janeiro!!! The fishing village area of Jurujuba is simple something that you should never miss.

Niteroi gives you lots of surprise and I am very familiar with the city. I lived there for 20 years...It is my homeland, it is my HOOD!!! :)

Now I live in Copacabana but my heart is always in Niteroi...a place that I love and a place that I let my guests love!!!

So if you want to visit a place that you will never forget, come to my tours!!!

Brazil will be always a special place for you!!! :)

Rafael Torres Lopes

Tour Guide and Travel Planner

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