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Many people wonder what' they will find in my blog...they think they will find all the explanations about my tours...maybe they will because I write alot about my tours in my little space where I can be 100% myself!!!

When they find me in the internet or when people read about me...before the first contact, mostly think they will find a serious type...uhmmmm I am not that serious...but I am always SERIOUSLY in the mood to give you a RIO PROFILE that you know it is real!!!

Do I have any concern to make this blog professional??? NO WAY!!! Blog is a democratic space where you show yourself in a very informal way and this is a cool way to make other people getting to know you better.

Here you will see my best moments in you will know what's going on in the city, you will read some brazilian news and my thoughts about many different topics!!!

Nancy and Phil (FANTASTIC COUPLE FROM CALIFORNIA)knew from the very beggining that they would find a friend instead of a professional guide. I am very professional when I choose the places to take my guests but I always want to make everyone know that here in Rio they have a real friend always ready to show the best secret of my land, that happens to be RIO DE JANEIRO and the rest of Brazil. This wonderful emerald sparkling green water was in one of my breaks in Paraty.

One of my favorite towns in the State of Rio!!! :) I just finished my tour with Carol and Joe (ALSO FROM CALIFORNIA) which was absolutely fantastic and met them which I previously had a tour in Rio and we decide to spend the rest of the afternoon together.

This is the time when WORK mixes with PRIVATE LIFE and this is the best pleasure on Eearth!!!

The tours as you know cover all over Rio and its surroundings like the city of Niteroi which is always a surprise for any traveller. My great pleasure is watching my guests having fun and of course I love taking part of this joy. Everytime I have my maltese group conducting by the Tour Leader John Paul tour always look like a huge birthday party.

When you come to Rio, my concern is not only showing places that hardly no tourists ever go, my other concern is to put my guests together with our local culture. This is what I call "BRAZILIANIZING". And for sure you will learn alot about the country and you will see that Brazil will be your home OUTSIDE HOME!

JP and I organized 3 trips to Rio, I am the one who takes care of the Rio's Part in a trip that cover incredible parts of Brazil. It gives you a lot of fun, adventure and knowledge in this paradise called Brazil. You can also take part of this journey organized by JP and conducting by myself when you get to Rio, check his website

The company mostly assist the European Public, but I highly recommend you to see the places he covers and the incredible tour around Brazil. JP most of the time will be present but when he cannot come to conduct the tour, I will be the Tour Leader and I will be guiding the whole trip!


So the tours, all the tours when I do it myself, when it is done by my associates are always loaded with fun and informality. Same as myself...I am an official Tour Guide and I have to be official to do my work, but be sure that you will find a very enthusiast friend. And my tours are exactly like my blog, the blog has a little advantage, it is a good way for you to get to know me in advance. Before you meet me, you know how I act, you know how I work and you know exactly what to expect! La Rae from Spokane, in Washington State, came here with his family and we had a blast!!!

If you go on reading this blog by clicking OLD POSTINGS you will see exactly the same.

Smiles, Laughs, Nature, History, People Watching, Stunning Landscapes, Rafa's People and a lot of interesting memories will be waiting for you when you come to my Tours. This is how I love working and this is my style that you can clearly feel at the very right time you are reading this blog!!!

By the way, La Rae is one of my best friends in the States and we had our tour some years ago and she always recommends me people and I know that once I step in the UNITED STATES OF AMERICA, I am sure that I will have to make my way far in the left corner of the country and know her door and get ready for more laughs THIS TIME IN AN AMERICAN STYLE!!!! hahahahaha : ))))))))))

A Tour Guide Blog...or a Rafa's BLOG ABOUT will never be a PROFESSIONAL ONE...You will have a lot of information about Rio, about Brazil, about South America, about daily life in every place I cover and some details of the tours you will take. But if you want to know the tour duration (I always say it takes between 6 and 8 hours...but I always do alot more because I am so happy that I forget about the time, you will haveto remind me when we finish, most of the time!!!), if you want to know my prices (I wish I could do it for free but you know, this is my living!!!), if you want to find the logistics of my tours...(I use a lot of interesting improvisation to make your trip way more special), just write me an email and you will know everything in detail, and my email is

The city is informal, Rio is not worried about PROTOCOL...Here from Prince Charles to Barack Obama, we all dance Samba...The vibe of Rio is sooooo high...this is the land of free smile...We do not judge you from your skin color, we do not judge you from the size of your pocket, we do not judge you from the religion you belong. WE WANT YOUR PRESENCE HERE NO MATTER WHAT JUST TO BE HAPPY EXACLY LIKE WE ARE!!!

Our tour will be a playground for any photographer...I am an amateur photographer and every tour is a wonderful chance to get unique images like this Christmas Tree Giant Photo which is simply a FAVELA.

Rio de Janeiro is one of the most fascinating cities in the World and I am here to make it simple and gorgeous for you!!!


This blog is to talk about many things including YOURSELF!!! Yes, you can be part of this blog and you will be part of my personal story, some of the thousand marvelous friends that I have made along the years.


Rafael Torres Lopes

Tour Guide and Travel Planner

A crazy friend in Rio

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