Tuesday, April 5, 2011


Buzios is not so far from Rio. It is our beach playground!! And of of the places that I always take my guests when they have MORE TIME in their trip. There are many reasons that you can choose to go to Buzios. REASON NUMBER ONE - It is a beach place full of tropical inlets and gorgeous blue water. You will be in the road for about 2 and a half hours...the way is very green and very interesting. REASON NUMBER TWO - Beautiful people from every where in Brazil and from all over the World. It is one of the most famous and exclusive beach destinations in the country. The most interesting people in Brazil go to Buzios for a holiday, sometimes for just one day which I think it is crazyness unless if you can afford renting a helicopter or if you have one; peole stay for the weekend, and some people like some of my guests, stay for 5 days or even a week. AND FOR THE RECORD...BUZIOS IS CAN BE REACHED BY CRUISE LINE SHIPS...And like a miracle, the little village still preserves its speechless wilderness!!!! Yes, the place is fabulous, everytime I go there, makes me wish to live there forever!!! I love Buzios and I can make you love Buzios too!!!
REASON NUMBER THREE - Azeda Beach, Brava Beach and João Fernandes are my favorite ones, but you can choose more than 30 beaches and also explore the surroundings. Buzios is next to other famous beach cities such as Cabo Frio, Arraial do Cabo, Rio das Ostras and São João da Barra. Secluded beaches, exclusive condos with private beaches, gorgeous islands specially ILHA FEIA, popular beaches great for people watching. Beaches for every taste!!!!

REASON NUMBER FOUR - Wonderful places to stay..from the very simple to the most luxurious, and comparing to the prices in Rio I would say that Buzios is quite cheap. I know some places and I will be happy to give you some suggestions!

REASON NUMBER FIVE - Foooooooood!!!! :) I know my country very well, I have been in far to many states and I can tell you. Buzios is one of the best GASTRONOMY CENTER in Brazil and one of the top 100 places in South America. There you can eat with style...One of my favorite places there is no doubt Brigita and Bananaland. And of course as you could read in my last posting, many grocery stores where you can prepare your own food!!!

REASON NUMBER SIX - I know the way...I can take you to Buzios, just to leave you there or to teach you all the secrets of this brazilian paradise!!!

As I told you, Buzios is not far from Rio and you can spend one day, two days or even more for total relaxation. Buzios is cool, Buzios is fun, Buzios is extraordinary!!!

Indeed one of my very favorite places in the State of Rio de Janeiro!!!

Rafael Torres Lopes

Tour Guide and Travel Planner

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