Sunday, October 17, 2010


My advise when you arrive in Paraty for the first time is GET LOST!!! :) the little village is small and every corner that we turn is a new world to discover. Paraty is place for romantic people, it is a place for knowledge seekers and it is a place for real travellers and adventurers!!!

Every one can enjoy Paraty just in the way it is....

I am a big fan of trace of doubt when I say that Paraty is one of my BELOVED HOME outside Rio...and it is not that far...

4 hours to ge the from Rio city and the road follows the beautiful southern coast which I think it is comparable with the Garden Route in South Africa.

Also we have visitors that port in Paraty in very comfortable and absolutely stunning CruiseLines so when you come to Paraty you can arrive here with STYLE!!!!

But we can also explore the jungles of Paraty, a simple visit to the district of Cunha that show us the GREEN POWER OF PARATY, where we can have lunch in the jungle all surrounded by Nature and LUSH GREEN FORESTS.

We never know that one day in Paraty we can do so many different things. Paraty holds for you the best of Nature Wonders of our Atlantic Forest and I can tell you, I am quite keen on the beautiful green surroundings of Paraty!!
We can visit old Sugar Cane Farms and learn alot about the Rural areas of Brazil...A lovely afternoon visiting so many incredible spots in the heart of the Mountains of Cunha!
My very dear British Friends Edwina and David spend a fantastic afternoon visiting places where Cachaça, our national drink is made!

We only need less than 20 minutes to see a completely different scenery, we will be in the heart of the Forest to spot exotic birds, incredible fresh water pools and to experience one BRAZIL just like the first navigators first witnessed.

Exploring the surroundings of Paraty, there is a ex-slave villages like Campinho where we can meet afro brazilians who are directr descendants of slaves, we have to learn alot from this people. Claudio is a very talented local artists that loves to express his african heritage in amazing pictures in the walls of his house!

I am proud to show you a different profile of Brazil and always giving you food for thoughts for a next visit. I am here to be your informal ambassador and show you the real stuff of Brazil when you decide to visit us!!!
In Rio or in Paraty you will always have a friend who will show you the real marvelous side of Brazil, and Paraty can be an unique experience!
Rafael Torres Lopes
Tour Guide and Travel Planner

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