Wednesday, October 20, 2010


If we have just one day free in your trip to Rio why not visit the outskirts and have a very green day full of adventure. We have wonderful mountain villages in a National Park called PARQUE NACIONAL DA SERRA DOS ORGÃOS.

We will be in touch with places where just locals go...we will see different animals like monkeys, birds and a diverse quantity of unique vegetation, different trees, different flowers, amazing bromelias. In few words we will be visiting a giant open air BOTANICAL GARDEN!!!!

It will be your opportunity to explore the insiders of Rio with soft or middle tough hikes that lead you to bewildering natural sceneries and you will see waterfalls that are not even mention in your travel books.

We will visit very little hoods where people will be impressed to hear your english!!! And we will have fanstatic food in a lunch FOR KINGS in the middle of the jungle!!!

We will always come across with mineral water pools with interesting falls...lush green and wilderness will be always present in our way!!!

It will be a whole day full of adventure and full of emotion, a day that will make you be deeply in love with Rio and you will adopt Brazil as your second country. We will visit small cities like Teresopolis and Guapimirim. Places that we know thanks to our primitive population centuries ago. These are places that will enrich your trip to Rio de Janeiro and you will feel special to cover so many genuine destination that very few have access.
I usually take couples and small groups...write to me as soon as you can and I will give you more details about prices and how to go there...Believe me, it is easy to reach so many special places like Poço Verde, Santo Aleixo, Guapi and an endless numbers of small comunnity in our mountains.
Rafael Torres Lopes
Tour Guide and Travel Planner

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lilsammysaucer said...

some of my best memories in brazil are wit u rafa u were an amazing tour guide ,you were so much fun it was like u were one of us :)like a family :)and you also had so much knowledge to share tat was very cool :) i hope to be back one day no doubt i will because rio and brazil is such a beautiful country and theres so much more to see :) thank you so much for your amazing trip with cruz the coast all my love from ireland sammy :) xxxx