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The history of Brazil you can only learn if you visit the places where everything took place...and nothing better than visiting the Barroc Heritage of several colonial towns such as Tiradentes, Congonhas do Campo, Ouro Preto and Mariana, and if you find more time, you should consider going to Sabará close to the capital of the State, Belo Horizonte or going to the fascinating faraway Diamantina, land of rich portuguese farmers and also land of the great President which changed our capital to Brasília.

This State is called MINAS GERAIS...I love my Brazil so much and I really confess that after Maranhão and my wonderful homeland Rio de Janeiro, Minas is the most fantastic State that I know in Brazil.

My Good friend Alexandre who works for me as my driver was with me in this adventure through the past and natural beauties of Minas Gerais. In this picture we were in the old town of São João del Rey. Alexandre is one of the best prepared driver in the city of Rio and I am proud to drive all over Brazil with him.

A photo taken by Alexandre when I was not expecting...heheheheh but you can see the charming houses of São João del Rey
The Taste of Minas Gerais is the first thing that will drive you mad when you get there...THE COMIDA MINEIRA....

Comida – Food
Mineira – Native of Minas Gerais...

Actually, eating in Minas Gerais will convince you that stomach orgasm DO EXIST....You will reach the sky after a first meal in so many restaurants that I know in the State.

MINAS IS ALSO TRADITION AND HISTORY... Minas means “Mines” and Gerais means “Several”... Several Mines of so many different stones and minerals...Its natural richness made Minas Gerais so important for Portugal, and real towns arised on the top of the mountains, and these CIDADES HISTORICAS started.

When you also realize that one of the main attractions of Minas is simply THE PEOPLE...then you will be addicted to the State....

MINAS ALSO MEANS ADVENTURE...Hikings in high mountains, getting in the jungle, finding amazing rivers and coming across with stunning waterfalls. Lush green vegetagion, it is really like seeing a Brazil exactly how the first explorers use to conquer when they were looking for metals like gold, diamonds and silver.

Everywhere in Minas Gerais is an exciting invitation for adventure, fun and great memories.

MINAS HAS ALMOST THE SIZE OF TEXAS....The State is huge and exploring the whole State will be something that never ends.

To reach Minas you have to be prepared to travel in so many inner parts of Brazil, but it is very close to Rio actually.

We can easily organize a two days adventure or a three days adventures in your trip to Rio de Janeiro.

I highly recommend you to experience one side of Brazil that very few visitors dare to visit.

Rafael Torres Lopes
Tour Guide and Travel Planner

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