Monday, September 6, 2010


We had just one day and the challenge was making this only one day in so many days, and the great mission, to convince this incredible couple to think about a "second trip" to Rio de Janeiro.

Well, something for sure, they met a guide and they said good bye to a friend...And I have a wonderful family in the States as part of my life, they are also my good friends!

And Rebecca wrote to me something that made me very very honored and I need to share with you:

Had to laugh as I watched your video - - it brought back our day together perfectly. Just wanting to thank you for all the memories, and if anything, our day together left a huge impression and many stories to tell. We've thought often of you and do so very much appreciate your enthusiasm and continued correspondence. You do go way above and beyond what we would have expected. And, you have left us with smiles (and some head shaking). You must put this into our perspective, never having taken a "tour." We didn't realize how much larger than life it could be and interestingly enough, the relationship with you was possibly one of the most lasting memories of Rio we will have. Well, to qualify, Copacabana~Santa Theresa~the Christ Statue~and the quintessential views do rank up there also. But the surprise on our trip, was the people and how many wonderful connections we made while travelling. You are priceless, so the cost of the tour became inconsequential! Best, best wishes to you and may our paths cross again. Abraçoss, Becky

This first stop where we can see the whole Sugar Loaf is always special because we can have a broad understanding of the city and it is a great opportunity for pictures and to stop for a coconut water.

This tour is also very social when I make my guests experience a local indigenous tribe in Niteroi, the Guaranis, it is always a high light everytime we visit this community that always welcome us. This time we learnt more about their religion, we were invited to see the HOUSE OF PRAYS.

Niteroi is always my source of inspiration, this is the city where I was raised and my wonderful chance to work out my photography skills. We visited the Guarani Tribe in Camboinhas beach and got to the BaySide on time to watch the sunset.
Photography is my main hobby but I am not a profession, I just try to make art through my own eyes using my dear camera...I would love to know your opinion in this regard.

Well, we had loads of fun and we went to many different places in Rio, in this full day we became very good friends and we will always be in touch. Becky and Gary are excellent people and very well travelled couple and I am happy to know that Rio is now in their hearts!!!
It was a enormous pleasure to show the best of Rio!!!
With love,
Rafael Torres Lopes
Tour Guide and Travel Planner
This tour was possible thanks to the help of my wonderful friend and Queen of Rio, Marta Muller, she runs a spectacular Guest House in the city right in front of Copacabana Beach, RioGuestHouse - - it is a way to feel at home out of home...if you know what I mean!

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