Tuesday, August 17, 2010


Thank to you, I am a Tour Guide for 10 years and I am travelling all Brazil to make this enormous country easy for you. Thanks to your travel dreams I have friend from all over the World. Thanks to my endless love for this country I became a travel planner based in Rio de Janeiro.
I am the one that you are going to meet in your first time in Rio and I am ready to show you even the places that few brazilians know. I am here to help you to be far from the tourist traps and I am the one that you can be sure that will make your moments in Rio de Janeiro the happiest ever.
I am glad to be the one who helps my country to be in the memories and in the hearts of millions in this planet.
So many guests find me thanks to others who came here and had a fantastic time, people also read reviews about my tours and they see how passionate I am when I show every little corner of my I am proud to find people willing to help me to make Rio wonderful and Brazil a fascinating country that will remain in your plans FOREVER!!!
Now let me introduce you my team and you will see that you will always be in good hands in any trip to Rio de Janeiro.
Marcone Lima is what my guests say: MINI RAFA...but this MINI RAFA IS BIG!!!!!!!
We know each other for 4 years and we have one main thing in common: PASSION FOR BRAZIL!!!
We are proudly brazilians and really committed to provide you a gorgeous time in Brazil. We plan our trips together and we study about the country just to make Brazil easier for you.
And we are based in Rio de Janeiro, here we keep on thinking about new places and different tours to make Rio one of the best destinations in the World.
Marcone, despite of his "baby look", he is veeeeeeeeeery experienced about Rio de Janeiro, you can find some reviews about him in some famous websites such as, and where he is the second in the Brazilian Ranking and the 4th in the World.
When I am not available, he is my immediate tour guide that I will recommend for you, so you can trust him absolutely. He will know how to make your trip perfect and with a lot of fun. Marcone is very skillful on dealing with people. Once you are strolling around Rio with Marcone, be sure he will be part of your family!
So much that our friends from California Cathy and Barbara talks about him:
Marcone is a registered guide and he is always ready to make Rio a destination that you will keep in your thoughts and in your heart!
Marcone have the english that flows like water in the river, his spanish is fabulous.

Well, I have a "Celebrity" who works for me!!! have you ever been welcome by a Queen when you travel to a new place????
Diana is the Queen of Kindness, the Queen of People's behavior....YOU WILL BE WELCOME BY SOMEONE WHO IS MORE THAN ROYAL...The Queen Diana will be your Tour Guide. She is another fantastic professional that I trust my guests.
Here in my blog if you simply type DIANA PERSI, you will read more postings about her work!!
So everytime I recommend you Diana you can rest assure that you will have a Guide with a smile that has the same size of Brazil, someone with crystal clear english and you will have a friend who will assist you from the very beggining to the very end of your day.
She works as a guide for more than 20 I have by my side one of the best tour guides in Rio.
Besides being so amazing tour guide, efficient professional and knowledgeable, Diana is one of my greatest personal friend. So once you are with her, you will be with me!
Diana speaks wonderful english, great spanish and perfect french.

Another great Tour Guide that is part of my team is Rodrigo Tapajos, very knowledgeble about Rio and he had some tours that I was present. He will know how to take you to my secret spots. He was with me when I took the italian journalist to make a documentary about the guarani tribe Tekoa Mboy Ty.
Rodrigo is a great tour guide that I trust all my guests....
Impossible to pronounce the name of the tribe, but it will be a great surprise in your trip to Rio.
We are a group of five very experience tour guides ready to give you Rio de Janeiro by the eyes of the natives.
We struggle for your happiness!
Rafael Torres Lopes
Tour Guide and Travel Planner

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