Thursday, August 5, 2010


Bewildering...I could have written just one word to explain Maranhao...bewildering....

Maranhao invite us for adventure...also for fun and romance...How can you not fall in love with endless sunsets in the sand??? How can you not be involved with so many beauties????

I am from Rio de Janeiro but I confess,. I have to share my heart also with Maranhao.

One of the less famous States in Brazil!!! Not so famous, really unknown among travellers in the World...But I can tell you...this is one of the most fascinating hidden paradises in Brazil...

The australians understand me perfectly...When you think about going to Australia, you will think about Sydney which is gorgeous, but you will never think about Kimberley in your first trip to the aussie island, right????

Same with Maranhao...who will think about Maranhao when you have Rio to visit????

As a typical carioca but also a proud Brazilian I highly suggest you...COME TO MARANHAO!

SÃO JOSÉ DO is the pilgrimage center of the North East Region after another famous one, JUAZEIRO DO NORTE in the State of Ceará. Brazil is very catholic and in every region there are some sanctuaries where people really come in crowds to express their faith...The church is very small but the St. Joseph is very appreciated here and people say that St. Joseph performs miracle.

Well, it is true...São José do Ribamar is a miracle of Nature...the endless sea baths the coast giving us so many incredible views...São josé do Ribamar keeps the peaceful ambience of a Brazil from hundred years ago and I love that!

The island of São Luis (also known as THE ISLAND OF LOVE) is divided by 4 cities, Paço do Lumiar, Raposa, São José do Ribamar and the capital of the State, São Luis...

The island is huge and I have been to Maranhao so many times and I could not travel all around the island, but I will get there!!! São Luis has beauties that not even the best brazilian travel can figure out.

Marcone and I are here for you...we are experienced guides who work with radical passion, so everytime you come to Brazil you can be sure that you will have friends and that you are going to have lots of fun!!! We are here to plan your trip in the best way possible and we are ready to show you so many surprises in this wonderful and spectacular country called Brazil.

We are genuine brazilians who are always concerned to make you a BRAZIL'S EXPERT.

Lots of love to all of you,

Rafael Torres Lopes

Tour Guide and Travel Planner

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