Monday, July 5, 2010


I had the privilege to welcome a very lovely and brilliant german couple Lars and Susanne from München right after the daring victory of Germany that sent the well prepared and proud team of Argentina home. so for them it was the TOUR OF VICTORY!

I really have to thank Marta from to give me the honor to show Rio to my new german friends.We had a challenge, one day in Rio in a desert sunday day...We had the sun making our tour very special, so we had the chance to go to the Christ and also to visit the forest.

My tours are never complete without visiting the Soul of Rio, a little stroll in Lapa makes you feel the real local and bohemian vibe of Rio and I always start with Selaron Stairs. This great character change the life of this little corner of Joaquim Cruz Street. We travel all over the World without living that little space seeing tyles from different countries.

The brazilian pride is painted in our walls...Lapa is for sure one of the places where you can understand our culture in a very close way. The ambience, the food, the people. This is how Rio still enjoys its nostalgic bohemian life.

Lapa is music, Lapa has a very lazy life that fascinates all of us, and it is a very informal and down to earth neighborhood where eveyone knows each other...Specially at Rua Joaquim Cruz who still holds very old bars that play Samba in the endless evenings of Lapa. There are various grafites that tells you the incredible music tradition of Lapa. Birth place of many brazilian musicians!

I am glad we found a lot of time to see Niteroi which is a very nice surprise of my tours. In Niteroi you can see the city of Rio in a wonderful angle and you can really understand how wonderful our city is. And much more than that...Niteroi holds surprises that you cannot find in any travel books. And my new german friends could experience some unique places!
A visit to Niteroi is a way to see Rio that very few can witness. you will learn and enjoy much more of your so dreamt trip to Brazil. You will be surprised...Historical buildings, gorgeous coast line, unique view points, lots of fishermen villages and wild ocean beaches!

One of the most interesting spots in Niteroi is the island of Boa Viagem very close to Niteroi's famous attraction, the CONTEMPORARY ART MUSEUM. In Boa Viagem you can really take breathtaking beaches of Guanabara Bay, you can see that Niteroi is much more than one museum, you will hear daily life facts and you can learn precious information about our colonial past.
Many times when I write that we are going to see the CONTEMPORARY ART MUSEUM, people who do not like spending time in museum tells me..."oh no, I don't like museums, we can skip that"...This one is different. If you do not like modern arts well I never go to MAC to see arts, I just show my guest such a unique location where you can see all the attractions of Rio like the Sugar Loaf, the bay entrance and the magical coast of Niteroi. And you will have a lot of inspiration of fantastic picture just like we did.

It is great when we have people from Bavaria, this is where I have most of my german guests...People from Bavaria is friendly and always happy, I usually say that BAVARIA is the RIO DE JANEIRO of Germany.

And I am always honored to welcome friends from such a delicious country. I know, we do not eat Germany but we brazilians, love to associate great things with food!

Danke Lars, danke Susanne and danke Marta for such a happiness to show you the Rio that I know.

Rafael Torres Lopes
Tour Guide and Travel Planner

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