Thursday, July 1, 2010


I hope you were missing me! : )))) Oh well, I am back after ages without writing...Some personal tasks, some moments of joy and some others not so pleasant, but I survived and I am back with great style!!!

Right here in BUZIOS where I am writing after spending the whole day in the pristine, sparkling and orgastic waters of our BLUE AMAZON (so the natives say!) Arraial do Cabo. One of my favorite places in the State of Rio de Janeiro. This place with incredible coast line and sooooo dramatic rock formations that takes us back to the Navigators time.

I was invited by my deeeeeeeeaaaaaar friends (actually that are part of my family now!) Jane and Jonathan, a sweet couple, one from amazing Australia and the other funny bloke from lovely and beerlike Ireland (a great caipirinha good that he became a caipirinha teacher...)

Well, they run a very creative tour called Cruz the Coast that takes our visitors to explore the coast from Rio heading north to Bahia State...beautiful and spectacular idea, check their blog - -

The tour started today - thursday morning in Rio and ended in Buzios, we spent the whole day exploring the area of Cabo Frio Island...a wonderful inlet with deep blue water with incredibly beautiful mountain chain...that was a day made just for us...private boat...private beach and gorgeous adventure following the coast where we saw all kind of seagulls and we finalized with the amazing view of a cheerful WHALE!!!!!!


Laura and Samantha were part of our adventure, they will be part of Jane's and Jon's tour...Lovely girls from England and also Ireland...we had heaps of fun and they start their tour in great style...we took this photo in the way to Praia do Farol.

Darren and Chris gave us an aussie taste in our Arraial do Cabo's adventure, two great blokes that made our day with their accurate sense of humour (like all australians!)...So we were like a family from our IRALEND, ENGLAND, AUSTRALIA AND BRAZIL!!!
With great joy I write again in my blog annoucing that Jane and Jon are now one great source to make Brazil an easy and fascinating destination for you...starting of course in RIO DE JANEIRO.
Thanks Veronica, my great friend and sister from Argentina to have introduced me two WONDERFUL NEW AND LIFE TIME FRIENDS, Jane and Jon that gave me the unique chance to be their partners in this stunning travel world!
I will be writing more about our projects and new plans...
Actually Arraial do Cabo is part of my tours out of Rio, do keep in touch and I will be more than happier to give you all the details.
Rafael Torres Lopes
Tour Guide and Travel Planner


lilsammysaucer said...

some of my best memories in brazil are wit u rafa u were an amazing tour guide ,you were so much fun it was like u were one of us :)like a family :)and you also had so much knowledge to share tat was very cool :) i hope to be back one day no doubt i will because rio and brazil is such a beautiful country and theres so much more to see :) thank you so much for your amazing trip with cruz the coast all my love from ireland sammy :) xxxx oh by the way i wrote this b4 i read ur blog great minds think alike one big family mwah xxx

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