Monday, May 31, 2010


Now I call it "expedition", it is not really a visit anymore...the road is still closed because it is very damaged by a huge landslide, so it is impossible to go there by car. The authorities insist that we cannot go there, so "officially" going to Parque da Cidade cannot be part of my very intense tour in NITEROI. I have some contacts with the Forest Guards, some of them allow me to reach the top walking in the trail that leads us to the top, and I know the region very well, so the trails are okay and they are very safe to walk.

But we have to use our legs, if you have energy for some hiking, then we can see one of the most incredible and unique viewpoints of Rio Area.

It is important to mention that Parque da Cidade is not located in Rio, we have to go to another city, the very charming and surprising NITEROI. Very close to Rio.

Niteroi is the city where I spend most of my life, I lived 20 years there!

That was another tour that Marcone and I did together, we always do that and WE LOVE TAKING OUR GUESTS TO PLACES where regular tourists never go because they simply do not know about it. Our wonderful guests, Morgana from California and Susana from EntreRios, Argentina were our second guests to reach the top after Jeff and Pauline from Brunei.
We had a wonderful day, and to get there we went to the Woods and we had fun crossing all the trails, seeing so many birds, insects and lots of trees, mostly eucaliptus trees. The trail is not so radicial, it is a soft walk and when we are in a group we hardly feel the way.

It is a privilege to be a in a place where you can see all the famous spots of Rio and Niteroi, it is one of the most complete viewpoints in the Area and for sure this is where you can really understand where you went and where you will be. You understand the geography of Rio. Marcone also takes his guests to this hill called MORRO DA VIRAÇÃO. We love going there together because our guests have two guides paying just one! hehehehe :)
Susy had great fun there, it was a day full of laughs, it always a wonderful moment when we go to PARQUE DA CIDADE. The first time I visited there I was 7 years old.
So when I write to you saying that we are going to NITEROI, be sure that you are going to visit these spectacular places and your trip to Rio de Janeiro will be simply unique!!!

Our tours have a lot of energy, very informal invironment and we treat you like old friends, as a matter of fact our main concern is MAKING FRIENDS. We treat you like you deserve to be treated, with respect, with trueness (does this word exist???) and with a lot of great humour. We have the vibe of Rio, we are worry to show you simply the best of our land and you will be one of us!
From this other side of Parque da Cidade you can see all over the Forest of Tiririca where many rare species live such as rare eagles and the very rare jaguar.

If you are looking to very formal and robot guides like you find in big groups in a air conditioning bus...FORGET IT!!! We do not work like this...We have freeo spirits, our car has air conditioning, so do not worry, at least you will see unique places with some comfort. You will find friends, we work for a living, no doubt of it, but we do welcome you with passion!!!
We are prepared to give you a lot of happiness in your trip to Rio de Janeiro!
Rafael Torres Lopes
Tour Guide and Travel Planner

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