Thursday, April 22, 2010


I have been to 18 States in the country and I can humbly say, this is with no shade of doubt that one of the most breathtaking places I have ever been is the LENÇOIS, as people name it, are simply SOMETHING OUT OF DESCRIPTION. Dunes, walking under a severe heat can be awarded by a great and fresh swimming in many of sparkling blue lagoons...Rain water only...fresh water...lagoons which simply arise and die according to the wish of Nature...There are enormous lagoons that never dry…it is an endless desert with magical pristine blue water oasis.

Words are useless to make you understand how unique and fabulous this region is...I can write a book here and I will never get close to describe such a beauty....I am very fortunate to witness one of the most fascinating landscapes of this Planet, maybe one of the most interesting places in this Universe...AND I AM NOT EXAGERATTING.... hahaha people always think I do

It is for sure one of the MUST SEE places in Brazil, few travellers have the opportunity to be there!!! Thanks to my great friend Marcone who helped me a lot to understand Maranhao and love this land as it is my own homeland, I could also take guests from overseas to see such a Paradise on Earth.

A trip to Maranhão is a trip to the “unknown”, and this trip can be very magical because for sure the Maranhenses Beauties will bewitch you and you will realize that Brazil will conquer your soul!

I thank god everyday for being Brazilian and I thank Brazil so deep inside to give me this incredible passion to carry on my work!!!

Of course that in the way we stopped to eat very fresh cashues...great when you are crying for water and a wonderful source of C vitamin. In the way you cross lots of CAJUEIROS trees, it also provides generous shades under extreme heat but do not worry, when you reach the refreshing lagoons, all the heat and all the sweat will desappear! :)))))

There are many entrances to get to LENÇOIS MARANHENSES, but the most adventurous and most impressive is from Santo Amaro, the access is very rough, you have to face many dirt and sandy roads and cross wetlands to get there using 4x4 vehicles. From a village called SANGUE you can take Toyotas. It is not a place that you can spend just one day, get prepared to spend at least two days in this gorgeous PARADISE. It will worth your sacrifice and all your concerns because once you reach the sand you will notice that you are closer to God.
Rafael Torres Lopes and Marcone Lima
Always finding ways for you to discover Brazil as a real traveller...

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