Friday, April 23, 2010


Brazilian and Argentinean roads are very good in the way to the Falls, from Rio it takes about 18 hours, in this day I was driving to Foz do Iguaçu to meet my guests there, when they agree to hire my tours, I can also meet them with my car. That brings me good memories of one of my old Fiat Tempra...Driving makes me really is one of my major happiness in life.
The old music says...ON THE ROAD AGAIN...Well, this means that I am not only a Local Tour Guide for Rio de Janeiro. I am a National Tour Guide, specialized in BRAZIL and currently living in Rio, my city that I was born and raised and a city that I am proud to show you the best secrets, the known sides, the great local places that only Cariocas go...but my work also allows me to wondering around my country and other lands!

For nine years I have been working with tourism, long enough to go out of Rio's State limits and show to my visitors the rest of my country.

I am an expert in Rio de Janeiro and in the rest of the country from South to North I organize tours having Rio as my gateway. From here I take people to São Paulo following the coast or heading the farmlands crossing green valleys; I take my people to the mountains of Minas Gerais to find lots of historical towns where the history of Brazil began and here we have the golden cities of Ouro Preto, Mariana, Congonhas do Campo,Tiradentes, São João del Rey and Diamantina; from Rio also go to the gorgeous coasts of Bahia, Alagoas, Paraiba and Pernambuco; I go north to meet the ocean and the Amazon jungle in the State of Maranhão...then we have all over the Amazon forest starting in the limits of Maranhão and Para and go through the jungle from Amapa, Amazonas and Roraima; and when I had south I go to the beaches of Santa Catarina, to Paraná State when I go to Iguazu Falls in our limits with Argentina; and when I go to Rio Grande do Sul to finally reach Uruguay.

No matter how, by car, by bus, by boat or by plane...if my guests want to see BRAZIL they can count on me. I can meet them in person, I can get all my contacts to provide fun, knowledge, happiness and lots of action!

Good to post this picture because it brings me good memories of my old Fiat, RAFAMOBILE ONE

The US Presidency has AIR FORCE ONE....Rafael had RAFAMOBILE ONE...

Now I have my RAFAMOBILE TWO which is still running with strength and courage!!!

Driving is not only work, it is one of my biggest passion in life...

I am an amateur photographer and of course I could not resist and I stopped to take pictures of the endless sugarcane farms...this is where our etanol comes from...In Brazil etanol is a very popular fuel.

Driving within the country can take you to interesting places, and for a photography freak like me, it can be my personal playground. Most of time with no apparently reason I stop the car and I walk always looking for the best shot, and in my way to Argentina I always have loads of fun. I drove more than 18 hours from Rio to meet my guests in Puerto Iguazu, Argentina to start touring in the Falls Area. I help my guests in their adventure and I gladly take part in their adventure just to make their trip VERY UNIQUE.

My old habit of making any trouble a positive experience...when I get bored of so much driving, I usually stops in amazing places like this empty sugar cane fields. When you travel all long distances you realize how big Brazil is...A little stop is great for you to make decisions or simply to rest...and thanks to the Camera's Timer I could get those shots!

A long drive really demands some relaxation and when you do not have so much time and so much money, the tent can be your best friend. And it felt really fantastic to simply stop the car, getting a dirt road and in the middle of nowhere you set your tent and provide you a great suite...the southern nights are freezing and in the countryside my adventurous spirit speaks that was my very intimate moment...ME, MYSELF AND I....
Resting in the middle of the night, hearing the night birds and watching the starts just to think about the success of a tour.
All the way to Iguazu Falls can be very funny!!!!
Rafael Torres Lopes
Tour Guide and Travel Planner

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