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Brazil proudly shares this wonder of Nature with our neighbor country Argentina, but I have to admit that Argentina has the best attractions and amazing options to make your trip to Iguazu Falls something more than special. Every traveller when thinking about coming to Brazil, they think about Rio de Janeiro (my lovely headquarter) and they think about visiting the Falls.

It happens the same when my guests arrive in Buenos Aires, for sure, their next stop will be in the falls, and they introduced to a very charming town called Puerto Iguazu which belongs to the very wild and absolutely fantastic province of Misiones.

When my guests start their journey in Rio de Janeiro where they have a real HEAD OF STATE reception, that mostly go to Iguazu Falls but they stop in our bordering city called Foz do Iguaçu...but I am so sorry Brazil....In the brazilian side you must see only the National Park where the Falls are...the rest and the best of your trip in this REGION has to be in the argentinean side crossing the Tancredo Neves Bridge, in the other side of the River....


The area where the Falls are located is a huge area of a lot of wilderness activities such as hiking in the jungle, lots of river activities like canoeing, sailing, rafting or simply relaxing in the beach (in dams, sand banks, lakes), you can visit indiginous tribes and follow their daily life, you can see real garden villages, you can see the stones in real mines, you can understand the wilderness of such a wonderful tropical forest. Once you asre in the Falls, remember that you need at least two nights, I would suggest 3 or 4 nights!

The Falls are simply magnificent and within the National Park you have a lot of things to do, actually a visit to the Falls takes the WHOLE DAY, it is a full day itself but it is always great to have someone expertise in the region and it will make your day rich!
In the photo, that huge falls is between San Martin Island and the main land in the Argentina's Territory; actually you can visit this island as well, and the views from there is absolutely terrific, and closeby DO NEVER FORGET TO TAKE THE SPEED BOAT TOUR... The best ones are always in the argentinean side.
Once you are in the Falls Area you have to know that you are simply visiting one of the most beautiful Provinces of Argentina, the place is full of wildlife preservation centers dedicated to mammals, birds, fish and is a land where you will see wild orchids and there is a place dedicated to it...So explore places like the surroundings of Puerto Iguazu and specially a very unknown place called MONTECARLO.
There you will find a vast area called REGION DE LAS FLORES, many different little villages with so many natural features that you will realize that 3 nights are not enough...actually you will need the whole year to see everything.
And I know just one person who can show you everything in very few time and this person will make your journey to the Falls complete.

Michael speaks excellent english, he has been dealing with different number of groups and individuals providing such a great and genuine experience in his homeland. He is also part of the staff of a very famous and interesting acuarium in Montecarlo (see the page
He is a very experienced tour guide and the only person I trust to take care of your trip and make the Falls Region your home. His car is comfortable and rough enough to take you to the most unknown corners of the Forests and he will welcome you at the airport, your hotel, or everywhere you want him to meet you!!!
His big charisma and his pleasant presence will give you a lot of information and lots of fun!
Michael and his associates are indeed the best group of tour guides in the Iguazu Falls Area.
Michael works exactly like I work here in Rio, informal environment, always taking you to very unusual places, he is very well informed about wild life and the geography of his country. I would say he is a very interesting mix of Steve Irwin (the great aussie ranger - see his video - with Charles Darwin.
The days in this part of Argentina with Michael will be a lesson of life and I strongly recommend him, we work a lot together. If you really want to have his assistance, please let me know and I will put you right in contact with him.
Michael is trully a person in love with his occupation and more than a tour guide he will be your friend in Misiones!
Rafael Torres Lopes
Tour Guide and Travel Planner

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