Tuesday, April 6, 2010


Brazil is an enormous country, it has 27 States plus our Federal District which in Portuguese we say DISTRITO FEDERAL. And our Amazon region is part of 9 States. it is amazing that it occupies a big portion of the Brazilian Map...Starting in the State of Maranhão and reaching the border with Venezuela in Roraima State. There are several ways to reach it and I prefer starting this journey in Maranhão State.

I have taken some guests there but in my spare time I do love to explore the State with Marcone, the person in charge to introduce me this blessed land!!!

As you can well notice I am pretty confortable in my country, I am a city person but with a deep spirit of adventure. I like going to places where no one goes and Maranhão is a big interrogation mark for every independent traveller and I am often going there to make it easier and funnier to you.

Marcone is more than happier because Maranhao is his homeland, he was the one responsable to make me realize that all these places could be very interesting to my guests. The Amazon is there as well, Maranhão is a mix of ocean wild beach villages with incredible amazon villages, this is where the Ocean enters the Forest.

Marcone was born in the capital of Maranhão State, the charming historical town of São Luis!

From Rio de Janeiro to São Luis, it takes 5 hours by plane, the flights are daily, departuring from the International Airport Tom Jobim. Once you are in Maranhão, you can choose different destination and each one will be an invitation for adventure!!!

In these pictures we were in our way to Morros!!!!

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