Tuesday, April 6, 2010


We still have a lot of indigenous tribes spread out all over the Amazon forest, and the indigenous influence is present every where you go. So many tribes lived in Maranhão and of course their descedents still live and they really work beautifully in their ceramic traditions like these impressive funeral boxes which is very common to find in South America.


We spent a lovely weekend in a wild location called MORROS, interesting arms of Amazon Rivers like Alegre rivers baths the whole village and we can follow the course to see the jungle, very interesting place full of animal life. Maranhao is a mix of wilderness and marine wonders. All over the State you can find amazing crafts

We stayed in a very nice lodge called POUSADA DA PEDRA GRANDE...they have a great structure, very comfortable rooms and a lot of outside activities, bad news, they do not speak english there but I coudl find their webpage written in english just for you, go to

Accomodation are pretty affordable and from Morros you can also follow your way to Sangue and Barreirinhas, some of the most impressive doors to the famous sand dune deserts LENÇOIS MARANHENSES.

Marcone and I will be happy to assist you in any trip in this spectacular State, it is a very different way to get to know more about amazon villages in Brazil.

Rafael Torres Lopes - Tour Guide and Travel Planner

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