Tuesday, April 13, 2010


Exotic??? Yes I know...but the intention is to show you what is most genuine in Brazil, that is why the market FEIRA DO NORDESTE is a must see in my tours! Best time to go there is in the evening, and the place starts every friday and ends on sunday, 24 hours, non stop, all year round!!!

Most of the people who go there are migrants from the North East and also North of the Country. Rio de Janeiro is a reference for all states in Brazil so many people come to live in Rio searching for better opportunities, and we can see different cultures from so many States, it is a national diversity that you learn everything about Brazil in just one night!!!
Well...a visit to Feira do Nordeste you will see different faces of Brazil, you will taste the best of our regional food, you wil see the best of our people's art and you will listen to the second national music of Brazil, the so called FORRÓ!

FEIRA DO NORDESTE is part of our night tour, yes, when you come to Rio you have to be prepared to explore our night, yes, at least once in your life be prepared to be awaken late at night and you see a totally different universe!

And writing about this market brought me back so sweet memories!!! In one of these various evening that I visited this place, I brought my super fantastic friend Marie Stell, my sweet sister, wife of my great brother and great maltese traveler called John Paul, who is coming to Rio very soon with one more group from my beloved and dreamt MALTA ISLAND!!!
Let it be register that these two little birds brought a little bird to this World....ELIANA!!!!
The future BRAZILIAN GATA will be more than welcome...We are all waiting for you!!!!
Okay, for those who do not understand what I mean, Eliana is the first daughter of such a royal maltese couple, my wonderful friends JP and Marie!!!
Well, as you know, FEIRA DO NORDESTE just to us PURE HAPPINESS, and if you come to Rio and you want to be way happier than you are, allow me to plan an evening at São Cristovão, that is the neighborhood where Feira do Nordeste belongs.
Rafael Torres Lopes
Tour Guide and Tour Planner

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