Friday, March 26, 2010


I have been to many places that I could say to myself: THIS IS AFRICA!!! and we have the best of Africa, its music, its culture, its religion, its FOOD...ummmmm eating BOBÓ DE CAMARÃO sometimes is better than sex ( I am with my COLORFUL LANGUAGE AGAIN...sorry I know, it is not part of the "protocol" - direct message to my BRASILIA'S PEOPLE).
Our African heritage is deep and it is alive in all over Brazil, and this is made the country, the second largest black nation in the World...Only Nigeria beats us... but the african presence in Brazil gaves us SAMBA, MARACATU, RODA DE CRIOULA and so many magic rhythms that only Brazil has...This african presence gave us the dangerous and the fascinating movements of Capoeira that we never know whether it is a dance or a martial fight, but we all know that it is very important part of our culture!

But you know, Africa is in Brazil too and one of the places where I experience the real taste of this wonderful mixture is in São Luis...every friday night they make a real party, the TAMBOR DA CRIOULA...

São Luis is the Capital of Maranhão State and this is the homeland of Marcone, my very important "right arm" and one of my very best tour guide.

In Maranhão we organize many tours, one of them is our Amazon Tour.

Life is delicious and you can tell it by Marcone's generous laugh and he was extremely at home in his city. São Luis, place where we was born and raised. He introduced me this absolutely rich and fascinating culture and this melting pot that Maranhão represents to our country!!!

I would say that we have three states that you can really experience the african presence in Brazil, one of them is Maranhão for sure, another one is Bahia and of course, Rio de Janeiro. The slave heritage is massive.

Marcone and also myself, we are very proud to be Brazilians and we love very much to give you this natural and genuine taste.

After hours and hours of hard work our slaves got together in their villages called Zenzala and performed endless parties with their drums..and the sound of the drums were heard at the distance..that was the only way they could scare all the sorrows and sufferings of a tough life they had...TAMBOR DE CRIOULA gives the women their big importance, they are the queen of the party and only women can dance it, the men took care of the drums. Women are the ones who sing incredible and funny songs.

From that tough times and after their freedom..this rhythm is still part of their daily lives and they can express all the happiness to show others their exciting music.

Photographing people in pure joy is my great inspiration and learn their movements are absolutely incredible, and I could find lots of good photo opportunities in just one night at VALE REVIVER - this amazing historical center of Maranhão.

I am always with my work to make you be really in love with this country called Brazil, either in São Luis or in Rio de Janeiro...From North to South, from West to East...I will always be ready to be your best friend in Brazil.

We are a real team...we are both fanatic brazilians and great citizens of this World; we are great friends and we share this love to show you what's real in Brazil. Your informal embassadors that will give to you lots of happy reasons for you to make Brazil your home in Latin America.
We are waiting for you!!!
Rafa and Marcone

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