Friday, March 12, 2010


Copacabana has a gorgeous beach, this cannot be see all the main mountains of Rio, the majestic presence of the Sugar Loaf, from the distance you see the hill of Corcovado and its two mountains of Babilonia, Chacrinha and Pavaozinho...beautiful setting...the waterfront is simply marvelous.
Copacabana still keeps its glamour, it is the site of Copacabana Palace, it is the place of big shows and huge New Year's Eve Party...
But simply strolling around Copacabana you also find some interesting fellows...Quite commonly we come across with a very territorial bird...if you get closer to their nest...ummm you will be in trouble, they will attack you like KING KONG WAS ATTACKED IN THE EMPIRE STATE BUILDING!!!!
They are plenty in the grassland of Copacabana Fort and also in the beach sand late at night...
Their sound is very intense, simular to a woman scream...they are the brazilian lapwing, in portuguse we call it, QUERO QUERO.
Actually, the lapwings are found everywhere in South America. Personally I have seen these birds in my travels in Uruguay, all over Brazil and also in Venezuela.
I had a very painful experience when I was walking close to a football field iMontevideo, I did not notice that I passed very close to a well hidden nest on the ground...THEY CAME WITH NO MERCY...
So don't worry if you walk close to any nest...they will make sure you are in the wrong place!!!
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