Friday, March 12, 2010


I was touring in the Fort of Copacabana with my friends from Washington DC, Julie and David, when she joined us...Very curious and gracious bird, that's another common bird in Copa, we can hear their sound everywhere...
In this case, it is a female kiskadee, and as usual, she is very discreet and shy...the male has bigger size and a masked face but also keeps the yellow chest and brown wing...
They take care of each other, every time any predator comes, a group of kiskadee come to rescue the other bird in danger!
In Portuguese, we call it BEM TE VI, it is also very common all over South America. It can be found also in the south of US, specially in Florida and Texas.
One of the most emotional moments in my life was when I saw a kiskadee in the Amazon!!! YES YOU CAN FIND A KISKADEE IN THE JUNGLE!!!
But this precious lady was in Copacabana!!! :)))))
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